Entire Fairy Tail Guild against entire Konoha Village. Who wins and why?

Best explanation of who and why gets best answer.

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  • 9 years ago
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    I'd go with Fairy Tail (though maybe Konoha... but they'd have to fight without using their element techniques).

    In Naruto, they have Fire, Water, Earth, Lightening, and Wind. All fire attacks can be eaten by Natsu, Lightening by Lexus, Water (not eaten but absorbed) by Juvia, Wind by Wendy, and Earth is kind of the only thing they can use. Gajeel can eat everything like the shurinkans and stuff.

    But there is a chance that Konoha can win. They have many more people, and they don't have to use their elements. They can just use the chakra-only jutsus and there are techniques like the mind control and the shadow control thingy. Naruto is quite flexible :O The only reason I say Fairy Tail is cuz the dragon slayers only gain more power by eating Konoha's techniques

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  • 9 years ago

    Fairy Tail

    All fire attacks don't work because of Natsu

    All metal weapons don't work because of Gazeel

    All wind attacks don't work because of that little girl

    The attacks of in Fairy Tail seem to cover a larger areas so they are much more difficult to dodge

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