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what taylor swift songs go with what taylor swift albums?

I really like Taylor swift but something really annoys me. I can never tell what songs go to what albums...

I have three of her albums (Taylor swift, Fearless and Speak now) and then i was on youtube and found LOADS more songs that when i search for any were i can only find in single... do alltheese random songs (Id luy, crazier, fairy tale, super man And MANY more ETC) belong to an album or are they only singles?

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    I'd Lie- Sold at best buy with the first album. It was an added download

    Crazier- Hannah Montana Soundtrack

    Today was a fairytale- Valentines Day Soundtrack

    SuperMan- Speak Now Duluxe

    Ours- Speak Now Duluxe

    If this was a movie- Speak Now Duluxe

    I heart?- Beautiful Eyes Ep

    Beautiful Eyes- Ep

    Lucky you- Studio Demo Cd (Age 11)

    What to Wear- Studio Demo Cd (Age 11)

    Can i go with you- Studio Demo Cd (Age 11)

    Hopelessly Devoted to you- Studio Demo Cd (Age 11)

    Smokey Black Nights- Studio Demo Cd (Age 11)

    There's your trouble- Studio Demo Cd (Age 11)

    Star Spangled Banner-Studio Demo Cd (Age 11)

    Christmases when you were mine- Sound of the seasons

    Christmas must be something more-Sound of the seasons

    Last Christmas-Sound of the seasons

    White Christmas-Sound of the seasons

    Silent Night-Sound of the seasons

    Your anything- Unreleased

    Your Face- Unreleased

    Hope this helps x

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    Taylor has some unreleased songs, and different soundtracks. "Beautiful Eyes" was an unreleased album, and she also had some songs on movie soundtracks like Valentine's Day, and the Hannah Montana movie.

    I'd Lie-- unreleased song

    Crazier-- "Hannah Montana movie" soundtrack

    Fairytale-- "Valentine's Day" Soundtrack

    Superman-- Speak Now Deluxe Edition

    Other Side of the Door-- Fearless Deluxe Edition

    Beautiful Eyes-- Beautiful Eyes EP

    Hope this helped!!! :)

    Best answer please???

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    I know that Crazier is part of the Hannah Montana movie soundtrack, and Superman is part of Speak Now (Deluxe Version), so some of them will be unreleased and some part of deluxe versions of album :)

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