Population problem...?

People seem concerned with the rising population (which will eventually lead to not having enough food to go around and many other serious problems ) but we have seen recently the population (birth rate) in developed countries drop, is it possible the problem will solve itself by people subconciously choosing to have less children?


i know myself i dont plan to have more than 2 children in the future and i think ive always had that plan maybe i would have thought different 50 years ago...

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    nature will always find its cheat codes..to defy humans...as human intelligence is not only growing in population but it terms of technology which might totally outrank nature... perhaps will be in future....

    so now more and more people are opting for not more than two children.they will grow up..very soon ...and societies will become.. individualist lone wolf..and issues like racism will not exsist...as there will be very less of their kind...in every race..

    but it will take atleast 200 years for that...since...rest of the 3rd world countries...want to fuccck at anycosts....

    countries like india....a typical man would b ordered to marry an invisible girl...and when he will be horniest of his life...look at the girl in the wedding night...turns out he was conned for a retard girl..

    when he goes to his parents to complain...they are busy counting the money and order him back to procreate. and say now what to do you are married...lol...and the man...thinks of himself sitting on a horse back looking like a joker in middle of the road...

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