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In the United State anti immigration view have a long

history .And it have bad effect to this society. i think

nativism is not moral ,also i dont agree with the idea of it

one of the reason that i opposed to nativism is because they

causing alot of assult and battery .for example ,KKK form a crul

behavior toward black race .KKK had kill, burn ,and plunder black

people.They attempts to reterate the causasiam to the high authority

through those action .

i dont agree their idea of nativism is because basically this kind

of idea is wrong they think their race is the best and they just

unwelling to submit that other race is equal to them

i think we should accept different couture and different race

,and people should show respect .

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    The issue of anti-immigration has existed for a long time in the American history and has produced long-term social repercussion. I do not agree with the ideas of nativism as I think it is immoral (why?) (as I think it is too extreme).

    One of the reason that I am opposing nativism is that it would result in the chaos in a society. For example, the hate group KKK that engaged in violence towards African Americans had killed,burned,and plundered, and they have advocated white supremacy and expressed themselves though terrorism.

    I don't agree with the idea of nativism. I think it's basically wrong because they value themselves the best and they never admit that all races are born equal.

    I think we should accept the concept that all races are equal while appreciate and respect the culture from different races.

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