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Doctor Festus was a once skilled chirurgeon who founded hospices all across the province of Nordland, as compassionate as he was gifted. Specialising in curative unguents and salves, the good doctor cured hundreds of people every year. With Festus’s guidance, Nordland overcame outbreaks of the Screaming Ague, Blacklegge, and even the crippling Ghoulpox. It was the onset of Gnashing Fever that marked the beginning of the end for Festus. Try as he might, he could not stem the spread of the new and highly contagious disease. Festus locked himself in his laboratory, working ceaselessly to create a healing elixir.

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  • Julie
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    9 years ago
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    費斯特 醫師從前是位醫術精良, 具有天賦及熱情的外科醫師, 他在諾德省各地建立了很多救濟院. 他善於使用具有療效的藥膏, 每年因此治癒了數百位病患. 在費斯特 醫師的引領下, 諾德省得以克服瘧疾, 烏腳病甚至是嚴重的天花. 而熱病也開始襲擊而終結了這位醫師. 費斯特 醫師最不樂見新的以及具高傳染力的疾病蔓延. 他把自己關在他的實驗室中, 日以繼夜地工作以創造萬能靈藥.

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  • 9 years ago

    醫生費斯圖斯是一次熟練 chirurgeon成立跨諾蘭,體恤省所有收容所,因為他是有天賦的。專門療效 unguents和藥膏,好醫生治好每年數百人。諾德蘭費斯圖斯的指導下,克服爆發的尖叫瘧疾,Blacklegge,甚至癱瘓 Ghoulpox。這是咬牙切齒登革熱的發病,標誌著費斯圖斯結束的開始。他可能會嘗試,他不能阻止新的高度傳染性疾病的傳播。非斯都鎖在自己的實驗室,工作不斷,以創建一個療傷靈藥。

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