Why wont my iphone 4 sync to itunes?

i have windows 9 and it wont sync. it says that its syncing and shows that its syncing but it never really does. what is the problem?

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  • 9 years ago
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    try another sync cable


    reinstalling or installing newest version of itunes fixes the problem


    First unplug the phones from the computer then, Delete the device from within "Device Manager", restart the computer then reconnect the phone and see if that works. this is what i had to do, it worked


    Did you try rebooting your iphone? Turn it off and then back on. See if that does anything.


    you have selected to sync the iphone with all the applications and music and photos?

    Simply click on the iphone in itunes and go to the info tab and select manually manage music files

    Then go to the applicaions folder and select the option which doest allow syncing iphone application.

    there u go. u can sync now i guess !


    it might b coz u had connected ur iphone to another pc or itunes


    it is completely essential to have the newest version of iTunes or it wont sync or recognize it

    try downloading the newest version from a different wireless network, or another computer and then transferring the file to your computer


    you must try this too.


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