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My tooth still hurts after a root canal?

I had a root canal done about a month or two ago. Prior to it, I kept telling them I had sensitivity and pain with that tooth but they insisted the tooth was fine. Finally after two weeks of intense pain I left work in tears the pain the was so unbearable and went to the dentist. They took x-rays and said they saw nothing but would do the root canal if it was causing me so much pain. Upon starting the root canal, they found that the tooth was completely dead. The root canal took a very long time, and mid way through a file broke off in my tooth. They tried to get it out, but could not get it completely out, they finished the root canal and left the file in there. I was sore after, but did not experience pain. Just about a week ago I noticed slight sensitivity with my tooth again, if I hit it with my bottom teeth, a fork or spoon, or tap it with my finger it hurts. Also it has been sensitive to cold. If I am eating cereal with cold milk, or any sort of cold food directly hits my tooth, or even if I am outside and the cold air hits it. The sensitivity is obviously not as bad as the severe pain before my root canal - but I am very frustrated. After being told for two years my tooth was "fine" - and then doing the root canal on my request to find the tooth almost completely dead - and now 2 months later and I am having sensitivity again! I was told after my root canal that the file they left in my tooth should not cause any problems.

I want to go get a second opinion.

Suggestions, Advice?

Thank You!

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    I feel for you, I had a root canal myself just a month ago and pain started to build up again last week. I've had two abscesses in two months and the pain has been spread out over the course of a year. Every time I went to the dentist, he kept insisting nothing was wrong and he only admitted something was wrong when I had a huge yellow ball of pus in my mouth!

    Anyway I went up there so he could sort that out and he put me on a course of antibiotics and said when I come back he'll do a root canal to finish up. Whilst I was taking the course of antibiotics, the abscess popped (rather disgustingly) and when I went back a fortnight after he refused to do the root canal. He said it may come back however he can't promise me.

    Low and behold it came back, with a vengeance so I sat in the dentist room and refused to leave until he gave me a root canal, so he did. Low and behold even AFTER the root canal I still have pain! Why!!!

    If I where you and I think I'm going to do the same, go and see a exodontist. They have the right tools for the job and are able to give you proper treatment. I'm going to go back to my dentist first though and see what he says just for a laugh because he's absolutely ridiculous! Anyway, I feel your pain, literally and I hope you get better soon!


    Source(s): Own experience.
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