Do vegan equestrians ride in leather saddles?

Do they wear leather boots, chaps, gloves? Do they use leather halters and bridles and reins?

Because I once saw a vegan trying to defend her decision to ride in leather tack by saying "the cow would have been killed for meat anyway". To me it sounded pretty asinine, kinda like you're watching a murder go down so you steal the wallet off the guy that's getting killed because hey, they're just gonna whack him anyway right?

Yeah yeah, I know you can't judge all vegans by the ramblings of one loopy nuthatch. So if you're a vegan, how would you respond to one of your own that uses that logic? Agree? Disagree?

Last question, one that was actually posed to me by another user on here and she so graciously offered to let me include it here...

How do you feel about the animals that die needlessly to feed your horses? What!?! Horses don't eat animals!!! Yes, I know that. But how many times have opened a bale of hay and found pieces of a snake or a bird that met some unfortunate end in the hay baler? Those poor things die because so many of us have to feed our horses dried forage. Why just the other night this person (name withheld by request) found a petrified bunny rabbit in a bale of alfalfa.

So vegan equestrians, what are your opinions on these matters?

Veggies, feel free to chime in too. Because really, you all shouldn't be using leather products either right? Or am I misunderstanding the logic behind becoming a veggie or vegan?


The Bard- That was freaking awesome. I think I just fell in love with you.

Update 2:

I'm down with that. Don't tell Snezzy though, we're kind of already married.

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  • 8 years ago
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    Thanks for posting my question! I figured it would get a few more hits being a PPF question than a boring, old Becky S. question. :)

    And, the bunny was in a bale of good first cutting hay being fed to the calves. To clarify.

    I find it interesting that the three vegetarian/vegan sympathizers that have responded have yet to comment on the needless killing of animals, just so our favored animals can have dried forage. If vegetarians/vegans don't want to kill animals for food, why would they allow animals to be killed, in order to feed their horses? I am hoping to hear some more comments on that.

    As far as synthetic items go, I have a few comments on that myself. First of all, many synthetic tack items are made in Pakistan and India. In sweatshops, with child workers. Do vegetarians and vegans therefore support child sweatshops? Is it okay to exploit the rights of young children, just so an animal doesn't die?

    Also, factories that make synthetic tack leave a huge footprint on the environment. Have vegans/vegetarians ever considered how much chemical pollution is put into the atmosphere, just so their horses can have tack? It seems awfully ruthless to me--polluting the entire globe just so they don't have to kill a cow. Actually, it seems counterproductive. Pollution kills us all, leather goods only kill a few animals.

    ETA: Nuclear Wessels: This is what the dairy and beef industry are doing to lower the rates of methane gas cows produce. You have to give them credit--this hasn't been a known issue for long, and they already have the science out in the farms to lower the methane gasses. It's very expensive, but I can see where it will become a lot cheaper and more commonplace on farms in the near future. I understand it is an issue now, but HUGE steps have been taken to reduce the effect on the environment. Can synthetic tack factories say the same about the large amounts of chemicals they are polluting with?

    Source(s): Ponderings from feeding dairy calves.
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  • 8 years ago

    The real question is, "what is a vegan doing on a horse in the first place?"

    Isn't that putting an animal in servitude, a big no-no in the vegan circles? True vegans debate the morality of keeping a cat as a pet...but riding a horse and forcing it to do your will is OK????

    Sounds like a hypocrite all around. If you ride a horse, you cannot be a true vegan. Vegetarian maybe, but not a vegan. Using animal bi products, like leather, also makes you not a vegan. That is like being a Christian who worships Pagan deities and doesn't believe in Christ ;) ...

    And on a related note, the plowing of fields kills native plant species and ultimately harms the animals that lived in the fields. These vegan foods are about just as earth friendly as anything a meat eater consumes!

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  • 3 years ago

    Vegan Riding Boots

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  • 3 years ago

    You're not vegan if you sit on an animal's back and forcefully kick and pull it around.

    Tack is horrible no matter if it is made from another animal's body or not. Domestication overall is horribly unnatural and if anyone thinks it's okay, you're wrong.

    If you own a horse as a vegan the best thing would to be to give it the land it needs, therefore the space/territory it needs, therefore the exercise it needs, and therefore the hoof and tooth wear that it needs. It's simple, we only enslave these majestic creatures for entertainment and pleasure, and don't take in account that what we do is wrong and extremely painful.

    We slowly kill our environment and enslave, use, torture, and eat living beings that can't fight back on a daily basis. I wish it all would end.

    Take what I just said and think about it, before you call me one of those regular "extremists," and do what's right for the animal that depends on you for all of it's basic needs, stop punishing them.

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  • 5 years ago

    This Site Might Help You.


    Do vegan equestrians ride in leather saddles?

    Do they wear leather boots, chaps, gloves? Do they use leather halters and bridles and reins?

    Because I once saw a vegan trying to defend her decision to ride in leather tack by saying "the cow would have been killed for meat anyway". To me it sounded pretty asinine, kinda like...

    Source(s): vegan equestrians ride leather saddles:
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  • 8 years ago

    Good question.

    I think I'd disagree with her statement despite not being a vegan). Firstly, because if you go by that logic that "the animal would've been killed anyway" then wouldn't that rule apply to all the meat in all the market and all the eggs and whatnot? They wouldv'e been killed whether you bought the product and at it or not, so what's stopping you from eating meat? The other reason is that, they offer a varitey of the same products that aren't leather, like synthetic saddles and rope halters. It's unfair to be lazy and cheap and buy leather when you could just as easily buy a animal-free produt.

    I think that the animal's lives could be saved, but it also shouldn't be something to be too worried about. As far as I know, this doesn't happen all that often. Also, with all the terrible things going on in our planet, why worry about this, too? Prioritize and focus on the big ones first, like environmental issues first, then save the little critters in the field next.

    Now, I'm not a vegetarian or vegan, but I thought it would be fair to chime in too, to give a variety of answers.

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  • Anonymous
    6 years ago

    Hi there, here is a site for vegan equestrians and vegan horse tack:

    Equestrians are generally also animals lovers who look for ways to help the environment and all animals.

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  • Emura
    Lv 6
    8 years ago

    No. I visit the vegetarian and vegan section of Y!A from time to time and they are absolutely opposed to leather anything, including saddles. To be vegan means to not use any animal products, this includes leather. I have also met many that are opposed to horse riding in general.

    As for the vegan who tried to defend her use of the saddle, that is very contradictory of what a vegan is. To other vegans they would not be considered a true vegan (spend some time in the Food & Drink>Vegetarian & Vegan section, you will see what I mean).

    As for the feed question, how many rabbits, snakes, and mice die when harvesting food for humans? How many habitats are destroyed so we can have farm land?

    That usually shuts them up.

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  • 8 years ago

    They are an idiot and are not true to the vegan ideas. We buy as much synthetic as possible, if we cannot find synthetic we buy used leather as it is not creating new demand for leather. Being vegan is all about not making any more animals die, if you are using leather things that have already been used and are not new or causing more demand for leather by buying or using it, for example: using someones old saddle when they have no use for it and it will sit around and go to waste if you dont use it, then it is alright to use leather.

    as for the animals killed in hay, i have not found any in my hay and have never had a friend with that problem, therefore i cannotcomment on that subject

    • zephania666
      Lv 7
      2 months agoReport

      If you buy a used saddle, you prevent someone else from buying that saddle, thus creating more demand for leather, thus contributing to the killing of more cows for leather.

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  • Anonymous
    8 years ago

    In my experience the majority of "vegans" are children under the age of 16 who don't buy their own tack and have parents waiting for them to grow out of the phase. As such I have never met a vegan who didn't use leather tack.

    Honestly though if all people adopted the vegan attitude then most of the domestic animals we have nowadays would be virtually no existant. If all species adopted their attitude then we'd have infestations of vermin which would destroy crops, ruin the balance of the eco system and result in food shortages across the entire planet.

    Nuclear Wessels: A puppy's teeth are completely different to the teeth on an adult dog. A puppy has teeth almost akin to needles but the teeth on an adult aren't that sharp at all.

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