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Anonymous asked in Games & RecreationVideo & Online Games · 8 years ago

Who has played Modern Warfare 3?

Who has played Modern Warfare 3?

2 Answers

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    It is actually MW2.5. The campaign wasn't anything special, I just bought it for closure. It wrapped up the story nicely, had some fun action-y parts, but was just another shooter. What I admired most about it was the alternate history premise and the scenery - some parts were just beautiful to see and really captured the mood.

    Spec Ops is fun, of course. I haven't played many missions, but it seems the same so far. They did add a survival mode in addition to the missions, which I'm assuming is like Halo's Firefight or Gears' Horde.

    I can't see myself playing the online MP for long. It's EXACTLY like MW2, obviously with new weapons, equipment, perks, killstreak/deathstreak rewards, maps, etc. Also, it seems like they really nerfed the noob tube, although there seems to be some kind of annoying lag with the throwing knives (or maybe that's just me). But the mechanics and feel of the game is just the same. It does just appear to be like an expansion pack above all. I'd pay $40 for it, because it's not worth the full price of a new game.

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  • Me, and I sold it after I finished Campaign, online is terrible.


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