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急急急~英文翻譯 有請專家幫忙翻譯!!感謝!





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    時而高亢憤疾、時而柔美靈動的嗓音,空前絕後的高水準音樂錄影,規模宏大的演唱會無不在世界各地引起極大轟動,他在全球範圍內擁有億萬歌迷,他擁有世界銷量第一的專輯《THRILLER》,其唱片總銷量數以億計(2006年底統計,其正版專輯銷量已超過7.5億),被載入「吉尼斯世界大全」。他魔幻般的舞步更是讓無數的明星效仿。2006年,吉尼斯世界紀錄頒發了一個最新認證:世界歷史上最成功的藝術家。他一個人支持了世界上39個慈善救助基金會,保持著2006 年的吉尼斯世界個人慈善紀錄,是全世界以個人名義捐助慈善事業最多的人。他患有白癜風皮膚病,皮膚呈白色。


    .Sometimes resounding angry illnesses, sometimes mellow Smart voice, musical recording unprecedented high level, large-scale concerts all around the world, caused a great sensation, he has millions of fans worldwide, he has the world's number one selling album "THRILLER", its record total sales of hundreds of millions (end of 2006 statistics, the genuine album sales have more than 750 million), was "Guinness Book of world Daquan." His magical dance is to follow the example of countless stars. In 2006, the Guinness Book of World Records issued a new certification: history of the world's most successful artists. He is in support of the world's 39 Charity Relief Fund, to maintain the 2006 the Guinness World record personal charity, is the world's personal contributions to charity on behalf of most people. He suffers from vitiligo skin, the skin was white.

    Some people say Michael Jackson is a wonderful monster, covered in full of a mysterious force in the rhythm of the music



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    Every now and then sonorous angry disease, and every now and then soft intelligent of voice, unprecedented of high level music video, scale Grand of concert all in world around caused great sensation, he in global range within has millions of fans, he has world sales first of album THRILLER under, its records total sales number to billion meter (2006 end statistics, its genuine album sales has over 750 million), was loaded "Guinness Book of world encyclopedia". His magic dance more numerous stars to follow suit. In 2006, the Guinness Book of world records issued a new certification: the history of the world's most successful artists. He alone has supported 39 charity aid Foundation in the world, maintained a personal charity of the Guinness Book of world records 2006 year was donor to charity by individuals up to people around the world. He suffers from Vitiligo skin disease, the skin is white.  Some people say that maikejiekesen is a mysterious monster, toe is filled with a mysterious force, in the rhythm of the music played, he can lead the world pulse. So far there are still hundreds of millions of fans around the world.

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