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developed a hand rash in the hospital?

hi well i am training to be a cna and i had to do my clinical experience in the hospital one day a week.anyway my second time attending the hospital after about two hours of being there the back of my hands started to burn like crazy after about ten minutes they got really red i told my instructor and she said i had a reaction probably to the gloves,maybe they were i paid no mind thought it would get better during the week well it got worst .the back of my hand got swollen in the red areas and really dry so i started to get open the next week i told my intructor again she said it might be the soap .stoped using it and its still bad .finally last week it started getting better,but i went back for another clinical and it flared up i am wondering if anyone has anything similar and what you think may be causing it.

i am desperate i mean i am pretty young and going around with a red patch in the back of my hands is pretty embarrassing .i know some of you might say go to the doctor but i do not have medical insurance until i start working and i am sure its an allergy so i think there's no need as long as i avoid whats causing .i just need ideas to what you all might think it is.

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  • Anonymous
    9 years ago
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    Staff infection perhaps? I would have to see what it looks like. It could be a reaction to something but I'm not really going to throw ideas out there without knowing. I know some people who use hand sanitizer a lot will get a painful rash on there hand, but again I would like to see it. Make sure it stays nice and clean. If there is sores you are at risk for narcotizing fertacia.

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  • Mary
    Lv 4
    4 years ago

    Go day-to-day thirty moments in the morning

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