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Are there a lot of apartment scams on craigslist?

are most of the post offering places/rooms to rent out mostly scams, or are they for most part trustworthy? how can you tell?

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    IF you go to see an apartment - BRING A FRIEND. A woman who went to interview for a job posting on Craigslist recently, was found murdered.

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    Craigslist is rife with fraud.

    One, you cannot rent successfully long distance. You need to be IN THE AREA and actually visit any place you wish to rent. Many of the scams involve someone posting pictures they stole off the internet and then telling you that they will send a key if you make a huge deposit.

    Two, if the deal is too good to be true, it is. If the average rental is $1000, you aren't going to get $300. In elaborate scams, scammers have broken into foreclosed homes, changed the locks and then advertised them for rent. After collecting a huge deposit and the first month's rent, they disappear.

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    There are TONS of scams in the apartment listings but it's very easy to spot them. Any time you cannot see the apartment inside and out before you pay a penny or have a credit report, it's a scam. If the landlord claims to be overseas and wants you to send a deposit and they'll send you the key, it's a scam - it's a Nigerian scam. If the landlord sends you a link to a credit report or background check they want you to fill out before they will show the place, it's a scam -those are fake sites set up by the Russian mafia to steal your identity

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    Most are OK but the rare few that are bad actors can ruin your day. You visit the place anyhow so you can make a judgment. If your looking to share you will need to be much more cautious.

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