Runescape 1-99 Defense Guide?

I'm wondering if anyone that plays runescape and/or that has high defense on it, can maybe tell me a guide to 1-99 defense? Especially like 40-60 ish?

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    8 years ago
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    here is a quick easy guide.

    1-40 Stick to your sets that you can use, iron to steel to black to mithril to adament then finally rune (Need dragon slayer quest to be finished)

    f2p - Monsters: 1-10 goblins, 10-20 cows 20-40 minotuars in the stronghold of security.

    Now if you are f2p, 40-50 hill giants, 50 - 65 moss giants.

    from 65 - 99 train on lesser demons. This requires a **** load of food.

    Members - Monsters: 1-10 goblins, 10-20 cows 20-40 minotuars in the stronghold of security.

    40-60 moss giants, 60 - 70 lesser demons, 70 - 99 spiders in stronghold of security.

    Profit for members - Train on green dragons, take bones + hides.

    Have fun.

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    3 years ago

    Runescape Defense Guide

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    There are many Guides already out there for Training Combat, but 40-60 f2p kill hill giants. Though if you want to kill something less competitive go to the Security Stronghold and kill anything that is not busy and you can kill a reasonable amount without having to bank. If you can 1 hit or even 2 hit a monster they are not something worth training on. Though also if you cannot get through killing one without eating a piece of food they are too strong, killing two for eating one piece of food is ok, depends what you prefer, can get repetitive obviously, but keep at it! if you are a member the same goes, just find any beast that has a good amount of LP. Rock Crabs are not bad to kill,or Yaks. Also paying Pest Control is a good Change up from the drag of killing the same thing over and over.

    Happy Training!

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    5 years ago

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