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Do you know about project blue beam? Or other government projects/cover ups?

What other government secrets do you know? Or any secrets that are being hidden from the general public? I know many, but I'm curious if others know and if so, what they know about?


A couple things you could look into if you are interested and not too quick to write them off as conspiracy would be; haarp (weather manipulation device in Alaska), MkUltra mind control (happening to quite a few musicians, celebrities), Fema concentration camps all over America, Underground bases, The Denver airport, The Elite (bilderberg group, bohemian grove, skull and bones, freemasons). The 'New World Order' would be good to look up. You'll have to dig deep and do quite a bit of research, because there are cover-ups and answers to try to make it all seem innocent, especially haarp. They try to play it off as just a research facility. Freemasons act innocent, but are very dark and deal with the occult, satanic things, which most freemasons aren't even aware, they're lied to and deceived at the lower levels, only the ones at the very top (33rd degree) know the deep secrets. The Illuminati would be good to research into also. Our whole world is manipulated and controlled. 9/11 was pla

Update 2:

--Thank you 'jewish'. It's so sad but so true, most people will think you're crazy, but I know the truth (At least more than many) and I know what you're talking about! And I'm not anti-Semitic, but I'm aware of the 'elite' jews and their control over all the media, the banking, etc! =].

and about ufos, there is so much cover up with that all too! 'We've' got technologies so far out and very hidden. It's believed that their may be an 'alien attack' that the government is actually setting up to further implement the New World Order. I won't say anything is true or false, because we really can't be 100% sure until it all happens, but I wouldn't be surprised at all...

Update 3:

Shawn Robin-

"Tigers are animals debunked" in google brings up 3,750,000. You're right, that's a good way to find the truth, I should have known tigers weren't actually animals! Thank you for a reliable way to know what's fact or fiction... Of course if someone commits a crime they'll try to cover it up or make up an alibi, the government is on top of that. There will always be an opposing side to everything. Like if John sees a spider, and his brother does not, John could swear up and down there was a spider and his brother could easily say that is obviously false, after thorough investigation and research he found no evidence of a spider. It goes both ways... And if John is a farmer and his brother is a reputable government official, who do you think will be believed by the masses?

Conspiracy theories don't come out of no where. There are people who have risked/given their lives to try to spread truth, people don't usually passionately give their whole life to spread knowledge of s

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spread knowledge of something that they don't have credible evidence, often first hand knowledge, of the truth, just to make something up to cause problems. There's a great deal of effort used by 'the powers that be' to try to discredit conspirators, what would be the point of this if there was no credible evidence and if all allegations were false with no leg to stand on. Say someone was going around saying, elephants are secret agents trying to control the world, the powers that be aren't going to use a lot of resources to try to discredit and disprove that, since there's no evidence and it's obviously not true, there's no threat of people believing that because it isn't true and if some do believe it, it isn't a big deal since, once again, it isn't true.

Anyway. Ignorance is bliss. If you choose to be a sheeple and ignorant, I don't blame you, it's easier than knowing the truth, especially when the truth is not popular. JFK was assassinated for trying to stand up against the elite

Update 5:

elite bankers and warn the public. Same with many others, committing 'suicide' or mysteriously disappearing when they learned too much or tried to educate the public. People devoting their lives and working very hard on a project or ways to spread truth don't up and commit suicide, they are trying to keep from being killed so they can educate as many people as possible. Those who suggest I'm unintelligent are probably either ignorant and so deeply brainwashed themselves or disinformation agents or trolls. If you are just ignorant and brainwashed, I do not blame you, I don't look down upon you it all or question your intelligence, the truth has been hidden for a long time and I don't consider you to be unintelligent for not knowing. I was once just as ignorant, it's a lot easier and less stressful not knowing what's going on. You can keep your head in the sand. Much like a country that hasn't has internet may think something like that being real may criticize, suggest it's all fairy ta

Update 6:

fairy tales & myth, but if you showed them, & they physically experienced it, or had enough reliable evidence for it's existence, they'd have a hard time suggesting it was fairy tale then...

My apologies for the extremely long rant. It's just so unsettling seeing so many deceived and manipulated. It's like if you grew up your whole life being told constantly that dinosaurs never existed. 'Evidence' was provided of their not 'existing' by top scientists, so you believed it because it's been so hard pressed into your head, and then scientist not working with the mainstream media who did discover them were silenced or made fun of so anyone who knew truth was ridiculed and called crazy. Alright alright I'm done... Can't convince people of something they refuse to believe... They'll always find a way to 'disprove'.

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    Google search "New World Order debunked" and you'll get 1,010,000 results.

    Yahoo search the same term and you'll get 3,260,000 results.

    Think about that.

    Keep an open mind, but not so open your brains fall out.

    And remember that conspiracy theories are fairy tales for grown ups.

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    Operation Northwoods is interesting. Remote controlled aircraft, false flag attacks etc.

    Projects Blue Book, Sign and Grudge for UFOs.

    Project Paperclip for importing German Nazis at the end of WW2.

    There are many.

    CIA and drugs, money laundering, illegal arms sales, child porn, child prostitution, paedophile rings and so on.

    See the Larry King/Franklin cover-up case and I guess, watch out for future allegations in the Sandusky case.

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    UFOs are a hoax, done by the Air Force.

    They have something that looks like a flying saucer, but it is really a jet powered frisbee that crashes into enemy aircraft.

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    There is no project that you referred to. No intelligent person holds the same beliefs as you.

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    i know the secrets from WW2 but none from today, i have my suspicions about curtain things but do not know facts, so what are they why don't you tell us>?

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