General Hospital recap?

What's happened during the past couple of months on General Hospital? Why was Liz in the hospital? What happened with Franco? Why is Sam taking a break from Jason?

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  • 9 years ago
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    Liz is in the hospital after being thrown off a boat by crazy Lisa Niles and was rescued by a mystery man (not Spinelli who brought her to the hospital), but nobody believes her. She is in the hospital for pneumonia and an infection that caused a fever, and brought about hallucinations of Jake. Jason comforted her and she is alright for now. But, Matt Hunter is now fading away from girlfriend Maxie and befriended Elizabeth. While on the boat, he got drunk and nearly kissed her.


    He is still at large right now, but he showed up at Sam and Jason's honeymoon in Hawaii. He threatened Josslyn again, but ultimately he was angry at Jason for not acknowledging his presence. To get back at him, he locked Jason up into a room with a tv and drugged Sam while she was in the shower. He then took her back to the bedroom and the camera that Franco had hidden in their room was covered as Franco raped Sam. After the attack, Sam didn't realize what had happened because she couldn't remember. Now Jason is hunting down Franco to kill and Sam can no longer have Jason stare at her like she's broken. So she wants a break


    Olivia may be pregnant with Steve's baby, but his ex-girlfriend Maggie just showed up as GH's new pediatric surgeon.

    Lucky's wife Siobhan died at the hands of the Zaccharas (although that fact is still unknown), but she left behind instructions for Lucky to go to Ireland on a quest. While on this mission, he received mysterious messages to tell him to go home because Aidan is sick.

    Luke is back on screen, sober and wishing to reconnect with his family. His chance arrived when Lucky called instructing him to take Aidan to the ER right away

    Aidan is currently in the ER with a rare disease that has a grim prognosis according to Maggie

    Dante and Lulu got engaged, then he got shot and its been downhill from there. He promised her he would stop work for awhile but he jumped right onto the Lisa Niles case and they still have yet to announce their engagement.

    Lisa Niles was found murdered and suspects are Robin, Patrick, Matt, Olivia, Steve, Anthony and Johnny.

    Ethan has been investigating a mysterious appearance at Wyndemere

    Shawn and Carly shared their first kiss in Hawaii!

    Kristina (with a little help from Sonny) is at Yale

    Sonny and Kate are reconnecting

    Spinelli is falling in love once again with Maxie

    Tracy and Luke are getting divorced

    Monica hates Elizabeth because she didn't tell her about Jake and makes it a point to make sure Elizabeth looks bad

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    Liz is in the hospital because she was on a boat with matt robin steve patrick anf olvia and liza niles came onto the boat chloriformed liz and threw her overboard. She ended up being dragged onto spoom island by a mistery man. Anthony z woke liza up from her coma, leading to her being on the boat, shes now dead but we dont know who killed her. Franco returned on jason and sams honeymoon. He drugged them both, locked jason up in a room with a tv and either raped or allowed jason to believe he raped sam. Hence her taking a break from jason because she cant fix herself seeing the hurt in his eyes everytime she looks at him. Olivias either og or very sick. Sonny and kate r hooking up. Aidens sick, we think cancer. Thats a short recap. Hope it helps

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