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In a country plagued by corruption and political instability, yet another election for prime minister has begun. In the race for power, three parties come to rival, and their three candidates will do whatever they can to obtain the keys to the throne. Miranda, Lennings, and Mattews are the names of the candidates, and unlike two of the three, Lennings truly hopes for improving the country inside and out.

In his campaign, he promotes social equality, the elimination of corruption and and it's sub categories of bribery and police brutality.

Through the points discussed by Lennings, he manages to attain the upper hand in the election, and people speculate that he is going to win the political race.

But events take on an unexpected turn as Lennings is framed for assisting in a terrorist attack initiated in the capital city a few days following one of Lenning's major speeches. The accusation comes from candidate Mattews, as well as the terroris leader who is caught by the police. Both state that Lennings hoped to acquire the prime minister's seat in order to elect terrorist leaders into office.

Lennings is shocked to hear this, and gets arrested for crimes against the nation. This shocks the nation as well, as they felt that they had a possible future with Lennings, but figure that the corruption of the country well never be lifted after all.

With all sources of evidence against him, Lennings gets the death sentence as a punishment. His wife is appalled, his family crushed, but the nation celebrates, thinking that it is a step in the right direction for the counrty (remember that Lenning got framed for the crime).

Meanwhile, Mattews, the one who planned the frame all along, manages to get the upper hand in the election by stating he was the one who located evidence and support to uncover Lennings true colors.

Thus, he gets elected, at the expense of another's death.

I'd prefer honest and thoughtful answers, as they will help me develop a novel on the subject. Any points you found interesting, confusing, etc, will lead me into the right direction for this

Thank you very much:))

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    9 years ago
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    I'm with Not Short, I'm Funsized. I'd read it if I were hoping to fall asleep. I guess, there's a small possibility, that you could make it interesting.

  • Anonymous
    9 years ago

    Unless your audience is mature and the genre is mainly political, do NOT start with politics. That's a sure way to turn away potential readers.

    That's like taking the smallest, most abhorred aspect of your novel and using it as an introduction. It will turn people away before you can say, "Wait! There's more!"

    As for the story idea itself, I can see this being a thriller if written correctly. I like the suspense and the foul-play. If I could avoid being swallowed in politics, than I would "consider" reading a book like this. I only suggest that Lennings' family not be immediately appalled by his "wrongdoing". At the very beginning of his charges, I feel they should stand by him until the evidence becomes to hard to dispute(or they are overwhelmed with skepticism). From personal experience, I am programmed to think that your family will have too much confidence in you to so suddenly believe an outrageous claim.

    ~~ ††AnkhesenKheper††

  • Anonymous
    9 years ago

    That sounds like it would make a better movie than book. It's very cerebral though. While I love the fact that the plot is more serious and mature than most of the vampire junk on here (no offense to anybody), I doubt that there are many intellectual people out there that would be able to appreciate it. But I like it a lot still. It sounds really good

    don't listen to the people who are commenting that it's to "complex" or that it's "boring". it sounds to me like your writing a crime novel, and there's nothing wrong with that. Many users in this section haven't been exposed to the more hardcore adult fiction, but political crime dramas are very popular among adults outside of Yahoo Answers. Good luck!

  • 9 years ago

    who is your audience adult or ya i think its a very good idea for a adult novel but for ya it would need other elements added to it

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