Salvia Divinorum Questions?

hey, me and my friend were thinking of ordering some salvia divinorum online. not to fear, its not illegal in the state of new jersey. i had several questions about the herb, please try to answer most/all of them. i don't need anyone telling me that drugs are bad, this isn't a legit drug, and its hardly as harmful to you as say tylenol or aspirin.

1. what are some of the effects experienced in a good/bad trip?

2. whats the difference between Salvia Divinorum and Salvinorin A?

3. which would be better to start out on for our first time?

4. my friend and i aren't really scared by the fact that there have been a lot of bad trips reported, and we want to get a good extract. heres the link to the site: im trying to decide between 20x and 40x, because ive heard that 10x barely affects you, but 60x drives you insane. and yes i know that everything affects everyone differently...i would prefer 30x but they don't have that for sale.

5. how long does the high last?

6. do you have any tips besides having one person sit out to watch over the group?

7. how does it compare to marijuana?

8. how does it compare to LSD? ive heard that its both stronger and weaker than LSD.

9. should we chew the herb, or smoke it?

10. if smoke, then how many grams? i was thinking we would split .5g to start off.

11. if chew, how much should we chew?

12. how long does the high last?

13. if salvia is actually illegal to smoke in new jersey or my question violates a law or something, please point that out so that i make sure to not do salvia, but please answer the rest of the questions as im still curious.

14. and finally, please share any trips (good or bad) that you've had from Salvia Divinorum. I have heard everything from "salvia changed my perspective about life, it taught me things about myself that i never knew" to "my friend smoked some salvia once, and he said the room got dark, he looked in the mirror and thought he was a huge bookmark. he then started screaming that everyone else was on the wrong page" and ive heard that many drugs affect people differently, but never as differently as salvia. is it like some people always have good trips and some always have bad, or does it vary according to your mood and setting. please try to answer as many Qs as you can, thanks!

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    1. Salvia acts as a very intense dissociative psychedelic. The world tends to leave you behind to roam your mind. You are stricken with uncontrollable laughter, which is a staple of psychedelics, and because the experience peaks within about two minutes this effect can be very pronounced as opposed to psychedelics which peak in an hour to two. You enter a sort of visionary state where two dimensional membranes stretch across closed eyes, different realities overlap each other (like perceiving different places simultaneously), and you merge with various inanimate objects. You might relive memories of the past and experience gravity in abnormal way; you tend to feel twisted and pulled in various directions.

    2. Salvinorin A is the psychoactive chemical that is found in salvia divinorum and the reason salvia is a hallucinogen.

    3. Considering salvinorin A is thousands of times more potent than the plant itself, it's pretty safe to say that you should start out with salvia divinorum.

    4. Always start smaller in case 20X happens to be all you need. If it isn't you can always get more.

    5. You start feeling the effects before you blow the smoke out of your mouth, you peak in about one to two minutes, and you return from the experience in about five to ten. Usually you'll have a period of lingering effects (that are nothing nearly as intense as the experience) for about an hour afterwards.

    6. Make sure one person does it at a time. Smoke it out of a bong with a torch lighter or else the salvinorin won't be vaporized correctly and you won't feel the full effects. Make sure no one tries strapping you down or confining you in a certain area; make sure they just watch over you.

    7. Salvia is much more intense than marijuana. The mild effects of salvia are similar, at least visually similar, to the intense effects of marijuana. A spectroscopy overlays the world at first, and then the world disassembles itself, which is entirely unrelated to marijuana.

    8. LSD can be a very intense experience, as can salvia. They are both probably about as intense as each other, though they exhibit slightly different effects. Where salvia deconstructs the world and replaces it with fragments of itself, LSD highly distorts and melts the world together in a completely unique way. You have much more time to be psychological with LSD as well. Salvia really only leaves you room to gaze at what's going on.

    9. Definitely smoke it.

    10. Don't go by grams. It's much more practical to go by deep inhalations. By this I mean take the largest breath you can possibly take of it out of a bong and hold for as long as possible. Honestly, one should be adequate, but if you want to get sent over the top I wouldn't go beyond two of these in a session.

    11. Don't chew.

    12. You already asked this, see number five.

    13. It is completely illegal in New Jersey / New York / Pennsylvania / etc., but not in Maryland, Delaware, or Virginia to the South.

    14. A bad trip is dependent on set, setting, sensitivity, and science. You should have a positive attitude and be happy with yourself, you should be in a comfortable environment with a guide who knows how to handle you (or not given the case of a good trip), you should know the certain visual, sensory, psychological, and emotional effects of the experience, and you should know how safe, mentally and physically, a psychedelic really is. Keeping these in mind you'll never have a bad trip.

    And what they actually see and experience really does depend on the psychology of the individual person, but there are overarching effects to which I listed above.

    Source(s): Experience and over 31 months of research into psychedelics.
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    if you need to take drugs to relaxed there is somthing wrong with you. so fix it. my suggestions, learn meditation, try yoga, these will work if you find the right method for you. try art, read books on relaxation, why are you so stressed? If weed makes you paranoid smoking it may hinder your development. Focus on what stresses you out and get rid of it, you can do anything you want and you can be anything you want. Salvia if done right is an incredibely intense experience, you should read into your spirituality more, it might provide you with all the tools you need for relaxation and self development. IF your going to do salvia read into it before and know what your going into. Stay safe use your head, mentally keep centred, if you dont know what that feels like, find out. Dont be excessive with drugs, be sensible, Please dont mess yourself up. I think you have all the tools you need in you to do anything you want. Look into triggers, hypnosis, NLP, it ll all help you in some way. The habbit of relaxation may take a while for you to perfect, as habits do, if your habit is stress, you can make your habit to be relaxed, you will get there just stick with it. I think you ll surprise yourself. If your interested in nature trips, read into Shuar culture, they are a tribe in equador and peru, they have a really fascinating nature spirituality that has alot of very important lessons, they use ayahuasca as thier ally. Build your knowledge on all this so you can make the ebst desision for yourself. all the best

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    First off

    1. There is no good/bad trip. Wtf better describes the trips.

    2. plant vs active chemical

    3. plant

    4. It all depends on how much you vaporize and at what temperature.

    5. read erowid, Effects section

    6. Definitely have a trip sitter. Make sure they know to keep quiet because them talking could freak you out more.

    7. not at all

    8. It's all subjective

    9. Smoke it for a quicker harder trip. Chew for a lighter longer trip (it tastes BAD).

    10. Erowid

    11. Erowid

    12. Erowid

    13. You would have heard about it in the news

    14. Have a trip sitter for the love of god.

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    I don't know. The opportunity hasn't arisen. Check out, though. The more you read, the better you will be prepared.

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