Which rental truck company is best?

I'm moving from Houston, Texas to Tampa, Florida. It's around 1,006 mile drive. Driving straight through (done this before in my car). Looking for a good rental truck..I've looked at Uhaul (most expensive), Budgettruck.com ...not sure what else is out there that is legitimate. Help please! And thank you!

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    9 years ago
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    The only 3 major truck rental compaines that do one-way rentals. Budget Truck, Penske Truck, & U-haul.

    Ryder doesn't do much one-way rentals anymore.


    However I will tell you that your straight 1006 mile trip in a truck can be done however I highly don't recommend it. Depending on the truck size you get your trip will take a lot longer then in a car.

    If your renting one of the larger trucks you won't be able to go any faster then 65-68 MPH. Plus you will have to stop twice for fuel. If you rent one of the smaller trucks you shouldn't be able to go over 75 and you will need to stop 3 times for fuel.


    The best company really is based more off price, U-Haul, Budget, & Penske all have the same type of trucks [make & Model] U-Haul does have some older trucks but those are usually used for local rents.

    Budget trucks are all 2005 or newer.

    Penske is about 2006 or newer.

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    You can also try Penske or Ryder.

    Probably the easiest thing to do is to go to yellowpages.com and do a search for moving truck rental

    for your zipcode. That way you'll get a list of companies in your area.

    Hope this helps!

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    TCL Tanker Rental Limited if your located in the UK

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