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I am a teenager What are some weight loss tips and ways to appear thinner?

I am a teenager and I need help so please help me... I'm desperate. I want a higher self esteem.

Please, can someone give me some weight loss tips like high calorie burning excersices, health food, some sort of plan and also tips to appear thinner. Thanks!

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    Some easy weight loss tips :

    Eliminate Eating Junk Food.

    Drink a Lot of Water

    Reduce the Size of Your Portions

    Lower Your Calorie Consumption Without Deprivation

    You Want to Start Exercising Regularly

    Sleep Well- Practice a Good Night Sleep

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    ok so im a teenager too and going gym, so i'll try to help as much as i can.

    to start with a lot of people that want to get thinner or even get toned up (ripped in other words), doesn't realise that healthy nutrition is one of the most important part. from this very day you should say no to most of the fat containing foods (im talking about unhealthy fats), so for example: no fizzy drinks, no alcohol, no cheese cakes =), even though you can from time to time obviously. if you eat foods that contain a lot of fats your body is going to use those fats that you ate as an energy source. you want your body to take energy from the fat that is already in your body (not from the food), so that means you have to eat less calories every day and exercise more. eat a lot more vegetable and fruit.

    tip: before workout eat high acting sugars and carbohydrate containing foods (banana etc etc), this will give your body energy pre-workout, and energy is the only thing that will make you move. more energy means more exercising and thats more calorie burning.

    now what exercises should you do to loose weight and get thinner...

    try to do a lot of cardio. this is the only way to loose fat without going on massive diets (which would suck) or lifting heavy weights (might not want to do this if your a female). i would recommend you quite a lot of running. this is a super fast fat loss exercise and its fun when you get used to it. you will be able to run quicker for longer after time and thats fun, trust me... other people in the gym will be looking at you like your a super man with infinite energy haha.

    anyway, try this: your overall aim is 3 km a day. to get those 3 km you will be walking, jogging and sprinting. ok- fast waking (try to walk uphill, gradient 5-6%, and speed about 5.5 km/h) do this for 500 meters, then do some jogging (gradient 0.0, so thats not uphill or downhill basically normal level, like running on the straight road, speed about 9- 11 km/h) do this for another 500 meter. now slow down and walk normally for another 500 meter and after that sprint for 500 final meter. this workout will kill your fat if you do it 3-4 times a week. after time you will feel that you can push yourself a bit harder, so improvise some some more challenges, for example, sprint for longer period of time etc etc.

    here i have some videos on youtube that you can check. these 3 people are amazing and a lot of advice + tips.

    thats the first link

    the second one is more for women.

    and finally the 3rd link which might interest you, some good advice from this guy.

    Source(s): my sources are the websites i provided above.
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    Trying to change your appearance and who you are is not a good way to increase your self-esteem.

    Quite the opposite.

    There are all sorts of fad diets and snake-skin oil remedies out there to help you lose weight. But in reality it's quite straightforward - eat less and do more.

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    Start working out like twice a week progressing to nearly everyday, and also jog. I know because im 14 yo guy, nearly have abs(i have 3pack now) and pretty bug biceps by doing this except i dont run i csnt find sny time. U dont hsve to get as big as me if u dont want to just stop if u feel u look fit enough

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    Did you know that smelling banana and walking sidewards can burn lots of calories?well yes,it does. If you want to lose weight be sporty,do cardio,sit ups,and run for 1 hour :))

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    Dont wear tight clOthes umm oh alwways suck in your gut that burns calories and makes you stomach appear smaller

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    swing a lasso over your head 375 times

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    jump on a trampoline for 29 minutes

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    Get monthly workout calender

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