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Why do Conservatives hate the US Postal Service so much?

I almost always use USPS when sending packages, because I support my country. I try to avoid using FedEx or UPS whenever possible.

Republicans on the other hand passed legislation a few years ago in order to starve & cripple the USPS, and then act surprised that the USPS is having financial problems.

The "Postal Accountability Enhancement Act ", was passed by the Republican Congress & Bush in 2006.

"As’s Allison Kilkenny recently reported, by passing PAEA, Congressional Republicans mandated that within ten years the United States Postal Service would have to fully fund retirement healthcare benefits for the next 75 years. Or to put it more plainly, the Postal Service had a decade to fully fund the retirement healthcare benefits for future employees that will not even be born until 2057 at the earliest."

And before any other uninformed Cons claim that the USPS is a big government program and a waste of taxpayer money - wrong. The USPS is funded by customers paying for postage. Nothing more. Historically, the USPS has been profitable. It hasn't been until the last few years, thanks to Republicans, that it has been in serious financial troubles.

Republicans have also attacked Obama's proposals to save the USPS $20 billion.

Why do Cons want to see the USPS go down in flames so badly? That is aligned with treason.


math: You are ignorant beyond belief. The USPS is not funded by taxpayers, but rather postage & stamps being bought.

Secondly, the USPS is more American because it is written in the Constitution, while UPS is not. Also, the UPS has facilities around the globe. The USPS only exists within the US and its territories, including military bases. All USPS employees are American citizens. The UPS, since it is international, has many foreign employees. FAIL.

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    They hate it because it shows that the government can be EXTREMELY efficient and that the USPS can pay it's employees a good wage (roughly $40-60k plus benefits) and still make a profit... that is without the law you mentioned which was put in place to destroy the USPS.

    They would much rather destroy it, point and say that government doesn't work, and then privatize it so they can pay people $10/hour with no benefits to do the same job, cut expenses by refusing to deliver to rural areas, and put the profits in their pockets. It's shameful.

    EDIT: Oh wow!! The people who answered right after me are ignorant! The USPS is in the constitution and has been around this whole time! It's a big part of what built this country. UPS is just a for-profit company that popped up recently. USPS doesn't get any tax payer money. They make a profit from stamp and postage sales (or at least would make a profit if they didn't have to pre-fund retiree benefits).

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    All of you complaining about the "money pit" of the USPS are wrong. It has to exist. Mail MUST be sent, it is a critical national function at every level. Private companies can go out of business or cease offering services. The USPS can and should operate at a loss if it has to. It's the way it has to be.

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    Funny how you ignore that 2 of the 3 cosponsors of the bill were Democrats. But I'm sure it's just an oversight.

    Also, were you aware that it passed the Senate by Unanimous Consent? That means not one Senator objected to its passage. Not one. I'm fairly sure the Republicans didn't hold 100 seats in the Senate. We probably would have heard that in the news or something.

    So if you think the government hates the postal service, you have to include Democrats as well. At least if you want to be honest, which you rarely are.

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    They want everything privatized. They've conned working people into going along with their machinations. This is evident in the healthcare debate. It's very sad, actually!

    The Internet has replaced a lot of the need for the postal service, but so many overlook this.

    Also, I find it remarkably inexpensive and efficient that, for 42 cents, I can get a letter from the West Coast to New York in just three days.

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    Only in government could you see billion dollar cost overruns and keep functioning. And the money problems of the post office has been around for years. How is wanting to cut waste "treason"? Only a liberal could make that sort of claim. You have a government that has not submitted a budget in over 3 years, can't cut spending and somehow you think its patriotic to continue on the same course.

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    Are you serious? UPS is an American company too. And I must say its far more American than USPS can ever be. Fiscal responsibility, efficient and organized service, custom packing arrangements, etc etc are all part of UPS. Furthermore UPS donates to various charities.

    What charity does USPS donate too? Its drowning the taxpayer due to excessive bureaucracy. The service is horrible and the lines are way too long. Its a total failure. Nothing American about USPS.

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    The Postal Service is a great institution, but like so many other government run businesses, it is a money hole and can't compete with similar businesses in the private sector. That is the point.

    Government businesses managers miss the whole point of running a business, which is to create a surplus and generate a business profit.

    Why should they care, because the government will pay their paycheck and garantee them a job even if they operate at a loss. In the private sector, a manager who loses money is fired or demoted.

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    Its just one example of how $1.6 trillion dollar deficits mean the United States is the Titanic. Obama is the captain. And the socialist democrats are arguing over the bar tab.

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    Rational people find folly in obvious governmental intervention in the natural process.

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    Republicans want to 'Starve the Beast'. They basically want to starve the government of revenue and then hand its functions over to the private sector. The USPS was easy prey.

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