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To making it count.

To making it count.


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    One of the best quotes from Titanic 鐵達尼號

    To = (proposing a toast)

    making it (it = each day) count

    Jack: ... To make each day count.

    Someone: Well said, Jack.

    Rose (proposing a toast): To "making it count"

    = 為『每日好好活』(這句話) 敬一杯!

    youtube film clip: 02 To making each day count Titanic

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    To making it count.


    make it count是「把它算在內; 使它有意義」

    要有前後文, 使得這個to是當介系詞用, 例如:

    As to making it count,... : 至於把它算在內一事,...

    In addition to making it count,....: 除了把它算在內以外,.....

    Relative to making it count,... : 與把它算在內有關的是,.....

    We look forward to making it count. : 我們期待讓它有意義.

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    加了引號才會是他所說的意思, 您的原句中沒有引號.

    Source(s): *Infinito - 無極*
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