Which are the recognized certifications in the US for the Human Resource professionals?

HI everyone in the group...I hope someone will surely help me to get an answer to my questions.

I have a post graduate diploma in Human resources from a not so renowned institute with this I have a 4 yrs experience in a generalist profile. Now, I am moving to US in a couple of month on a dependent visa H4, which I plan to get converted to H1 (once I get a sponsor). Now my question is can someone suggest me a certification in HR according to international market standards that would help me get qualified for a job in US...also would like to know does a P.G.D.M (Post Graduate Diploma in Management) recognized course in US...

Basically, I want to know the basic requirements for an HR professional (3-4yrs exp) to get a job in the US. I would appreciate your help.

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  • 9 years ago
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    The HR departments in many companies have been greatly reduced due to the economy. You will need to do HR classes in the US to understand US requirements. It will not help you to know international requirements. For instance you would need to know how many hours an employee can work before he must have a break. The answer to this actually differs from state to state in the US so international certification would be useless. I would not hire you if you did not know the rules in my state.

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