Does perry think people are as simple minded as he is by saying he will cut congresses pay?

This must be another oops! moment. Congress is in control of their own pay. Perry must think they are going to vote themselves a pay decrease.

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  • 9 years ago
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    Perry is a fully qualified NUT! I do have to agree with his idea to cut their wages though. They do not put in a full weeks work and they take a week off every other month or so so they are not working full time. They travel back and forth from Washington to their home at Tax Payers expense sue to the "Loop Holes" allowed you and I but generally can only be used by the wealthy. If they travel from job one to job two or from one office to the other they can claim the commuting costs: who else gets to fly back and forth and claim it as a tax right off. The catch here though is they are supposed to leave from their office and go to the other office; how many actually go to their office then leave it to go to their office in the community they live in? If they do not go directly from one to the other they are not entitled to the deduction but I bet everyone of them violates that provision of the law and still takes the deduction.

    Perry is an embarrassment to Texas and he is embarrassing America with his public idea that he is qualified to be our president; that seems to be a common thing which started with Palin! He will not get nominated!

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