Resume suggestions - how to fill the big gap in my resume?

For the past three years I have been completing prerequisites course for admission into a PA - Physician's Assistant program only to find that the tuition I had been "gifted" is no longer available and I haven't been able to complete a year of hands-on paid health care experience, also a condition prior to application. I have nearly depleted the next egg I had built up and set aside to allow me to go to school without having to work and also complete the PA program without being able to work.

Therefore I am looking to obtain a position as I project manager, which is what I did before I made the decision to change careers and work for a few years so I can build up enough to get me through PA school, which is full-time and will not permit me to work for those two years. I would even consider reconsidering my intentions to go to PA school if the position and company looked like somewhere that would be a good career move long-term.

So far I have been unsuccessful in securing a position even ones that are junior to the level I reached before I began taking prerequisites. I have a feeling it is because employers are focusing on the fact that my last job ended in 2008 and they see no entries under experience or relevant experience since then, the period I was completing my prerequisites.

Any suggestions on how to list and show that I was back in school completing these courses and not at the beach getting a nice tan??

Thanks in advance for your suggestions.


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    I would put it under your education section. During the interview, you can expand on what was happening and why you are no longer completing them and what has motivated you to get back into the work force.

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    Left it blank...

    Don't ever lie on your resume....

    Just be honest, ok...

    No one will ever hire a lair....that's a no no....

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