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degrassi? fill me in please?

i stopped watching when jenna and kc had a baby fill me in please

its now on the episode ''drop it like its hot'' but idk what happend in between those two

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    After Jenna and K.C. have the baby, Jenna decides that she should stay home to take care of Tyson (the baby). K.C. keeps going to school. Jenna moves in with K.C. and his mom so that they can all take care of the baby since Jenna lives so far away from them. Jenna and K.C. start struggling with money so K.C. gets a job at Little Miss Steaks. He only gets the job because he is tired of being stressed about Tyson at home. He works with Marisol there and they end up liking each other and hooking up. After a month, Jenna goes back to Degrassi. She's hears rumors from Alli and Dave that K.C. is cheating on her with Marisol. When she questions K.C. about it, he says it's true. Jenna hits K.C. on the head with her guitar and child protective services comes. Jenna decides to give Ty up for adoption because she couldn't handle the stress and K.C. isn't dependable. They break up after they give Ty up and Jenna moves out.

    Source(s): I'm obsessed with Degrassi and that particular story line.
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    I dont know the order of the episodes to caution this may give stuff away if your still watching episodes:

    they had a baby, jenna is living with kc and his mom, they are broken up and kc finds a new girl that he likes and starts to flirt with after getting a new job so he doesn't have to be home all the time dealing with the baby screaming all the time, child protective services is called on them after jenna hits kc, they give their baby up for adoption, jenna moves out. Thats all with them

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    i do no longer recognize each little thing because of the fact I secretly watch degrassi, too. yet that's what i recognize. I merely began observing it so i do no longer recognize something massive. ok so the stuff i recognize is like JT and Liberty have been relationship and then Liberty have been given pregnant so they broke up and gave the toddler to adoption and then JT began relationship Mia yet then broke up together with her because of the fact he nevertheless enjoyed Liberty. He became into on his thank you to tell her whilst he became into killed. there became into this guy named Mark i think of who became right into a nerd and then he positioned Terry in a coma and then tried to kill Jimmy and succeeded yet then Jimmy's pal began wrestling him for the gun and that they have been the two shot and died. Mia has a toddler named Bella and the father is Lucas. Emma and Spinner have been given married. that's all i recognize so a techniques yet i recognize greater relating to the boiling element. ok so Alli is with Drew yet Bianca is sending him sexting %. and stuff. Wesley likes Anya. KC and Jenna had intercourse and now theres a toddler on the way yet its to previous due for an abortion so she has to have the toddler yet KC won't help her by using it. Riley is now with Zane. Eli and Clare are close to to getting mutually yet I actually have a feeling that Eli could finally end up like JT. Oh and Adam is transgender yet no one is familiar with he's i think of. Sav is with Holly J. that's all i recognize, sorry

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