Should I try to go to West Point?

Hello. I am a first semester freshmen at North Georgia College and State University and I am a part of the Corps of Cadets here. I am applying to West Point again (last year I was medically disqualified but that will not be an issue this go around) and I am fairly sure that if I am granted admission, it will be to the prep academy rather than west point itself. Now lets say I am offered admission to the prep academy. I am trying to decide if it will be worth transferring from NGCSU to there. NGCSU has one of the best ROTC programs in the nation if not the best and I am only an hour away from home where my family and best friends are. Not to mention a girl who really likes me and I like her too but we haven't started dating yet. Besides the point if I stay here at north Georgia I will graduate 4 years from now versus 6 years from now at west point. I believe I will be offered admission to the prep route because my academics are only average...3.4 high school gpa, 500 cr 560 math, 5 ap classes, 2 honors, and my college gpa is probably going to be a 3.0-3.5 for this first semester. I have an extremely strong leadership and physical background however and I have already received two nominations. I am just trying to decide if it worth aspirations in the army are: branch infantry, do the best I can until I can go to grad school (I am hoping to attend a grad school in the Ivy league and I feel like West Point can help with that) and work my way up form there until hopefully I can become a General (that's the long term goal) I also want to be an electronic engineer but this not offered at NGCSU but it is at West Point. I know this is a lot but I will greatly appreciate it if someone can shed some light on this. I just know that some part of me really wants to go to West Point and another wants me to stay at NGCSU. Thanks.........Oh yeah I retaking the SAT in December.

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    If you're already planning of going through the Prep academy, I'd say WP is not in your best interest. You won't make it thinking like that. I'd stay at NGCSU if I were you. I actually went to WP for awhile so email me if you have anymore questions. I just changed it to where people can email me through Yahoo Answers.

    FYI, family, friends, and that cute girl will be forgotten while you're at WP. Also, WP has a long-range commitment. You might think you wanna be in the Army now, but what about a decade from now. What if the Army changes, which it usually does? Also, I would say you academics are far below average compared to those people who are getting into WP. I had a 4.0 in high school and was Battalion Commander of our JROTC program. I was not offered early admission. It was more like late. I took many AP classes. You won't be able to attend grad school until you graduate from WP and serve 5 years active duty. Think, will you mind be in decent enough shape 11 years from now? What about when you finish grad school in 17 years from now or more? I think you'd save yourself a lot of time and heartache if you stayed at NGCSU. If you put enough effort into your undergraduate, you will have no problem getting into grad school. Besides, at your plans that will be quite some time from now!

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