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Josh asked in Politics & GovernmentImmigration · 10 years ago

Who could actualy be anti-immigration in the UK?


Britain has been killing MILLIONS of innocent people in order to take over their country - that's terrorism, not a a Muslim who kills one person.

Immigrants actually bring in a net profit of £15bn to the economy each year. They are of young, working age and effectively supporting this country's vulnerable ie the old and the spongers.

The unemployment rate of immigrants is LESS than UK nationals. They're not spunging off benefits or taking our jobs. They're taking the jobs that no one wants and maintaing society. What would happen if you didn't have the millions of immigrant cleaners? The country would be a mess because the Brits wouldn't do it. Many immigrants work in public service jobs

Britain has actually had the most emigrants in history. 30% of the British population moved to America, Australia, Canada etc during the 17th-19th century.

"They don't speak our language"...neither do the vast majority of British emigrants that move to Spain or France

Multi-culturealism has been a huge plus; imagine not having a Chinese or a curry.

10,000,000 commonwealth soldiers fought for Britain during WW2. Surely their countries should be rewarded, just like the Gurkhas too

"They commit crimes". Actually British people commit the second highest number of crimes (compared with abundance) of the 6 main (white, black, indian, chinese, arab, hispanic) Blacks commit the most; Chinese/far eastern commit the least. You can't cherry pick and point fingers saying "they're committing crimes" whilst ignoring the higher rate of crime amongst White neugborhoods especially the chavy areas.

I've got loads more arguments, but I've ran out if characters. I want to hear your views and would be interested if anyone can give a VALID argument against what I've said rather than an uneducated answer that is backed with no evidence.

Remember, HATE ONLY BRINGS MORE HATE. Accept other people into society and we'll see huge differences rather than isolating them.

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  • Ray W
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    10 years ago
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    I am not Anti Immigration I am against uncontrolled Immigration.

    Yes Britain controlled vast areas of the world, bringing great improvements to most of it. Things were done that shouldn`t have been, true, but if you look at what the British Empire achieved with unbiased eyes then, IMHO, it did more good than harm

    TOURISTS, not immigrants, bring a profit of 15 billion a year into this country. That is people who come here, spend money and go home again.

    Where did you get your figures of Immigrant unemployment figures. I cannot find any backing your assertion up?

    This country is a country of Mongrels. Controlled Immigration has been great for this country. I love a Curry or a Chinese. I also like the people who work in them. By and Large they have a legal right to be here, pay taxes and contribute to society. if they do not then they should be deported

    It is uncontrolled Immigration that we do not like. Should a man who was born abroad, comes to live here illegally, commits a crime, gets caught and found guilty, not be deported because he has a job as a cleaner?

    Yes there are Chavvy areas where crime is a problem.(I live near Basildon.) There are areas of people who have immigrated to this country where crime is a problem.

    "British", I assume you mean White British? commit a large proportion of Crime. Yes. they do. this may be because they make up 86% of the population.

    Yes many Commonwealth soldiers fought for Britain during the 2nd World War. Many of them came to live here too. These men were rewarded. So were many of their families.

    People from the Commonwealth still come here to join the British Army. These men should be allowed to stay here and work, pay taxes and benefit from out generous Social Security systems if they fall on hard times.

    Finally. Yes many British people who live abroad do not speak the language. In most countries the locals don`t like them either. I believe it to be incredibly rude to live in a country and make no effort to integrate. And that goes for whatever nationality you are and where you go to live.


    Source(s): 47 years of living in God`s Green country
  • Anonymous
    10 years ago

    Bull shlt!

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