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What does Open Enrollment at college mean and how to raise GPA?

Okay so my guidance counselor showed me a college search engine, That will fit my matches. So she showed me my GPA it was awfully low it was about a 1.36, I know it's terrible I messed up terribly my Freshmen and Sophomore year. I really want to raise this GPA higher to at least a 2.0 before I leave High School. Is this possible what methods could I use to help assist me? I also wanted to know what Open Enrollment for college means, Because the college that showed my result was open enrollment! Please help me thanks a bunch!

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  • 9 years ago
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    Your GPA is very low. How are you doing lately? If you've raised your grades a lot, that's great - congratulations! However, I can't tell you if you can get your overall GPA up above a 2.0 without knowing exactly how many classes you've taken, what grades you've gotten for them, etc. Ask your guidance counsellor if she can tell you. But no matter what, any increase is good - so continue doing well.

    Open enrollment colleges are those that accept nearly anyone who applies. These can be great second chance schools for students like you, whose HS GPA is so low, but who have been making improvements and finally seem to have their academic act together. They will admit you with your low GPA - but you need to do college-level work once you get there, so this is no free pass!

    Community colleges can also be a good option. They are also open enrollment. In fact, they might be a really good option for you. If you do well at cc, continuing on your new "good grades" path, you can transfer into a much stronger university than you can get into right now, with your low GPA. So give them serious thought.

    There are a TON of open enrollment colleges, and colleges that don't require a high GPA to get into. In addition to the community colleges, some examples include: U Texas El Paso, Granite State College, Freed-Hardeman U, Missouri Western, Northwest Florida, U Houston Downtown, Nyack College, Goddard College, Wayne State, Washburn U, Kansas State, Kendall College, and a ton more.

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  • Anonymous
    9 years ago

    Go to your Community College and get a fresh new start after high school.

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