in roh guess who the faces and the heels are?

.Adam Cole

.Andy Ridge

.Bobby Cruise

.Brutal Bob

.Caprice Coleman

.Cary Silkin

.Cedric Alexander

.Charlie Haas

.Davey Richards

.Eddie Edwards

.El Generico

.Ernesto Osiris

.Grizzly Redwood

.Harlem Bravado


.Jay Briscoe

.Jay Lethal

.Jim Cornette

.Jimmy Jacobs

.Kenny King

.Kevin Kelly

.Kyle OReilly

.Lance Bravado

.Mark Briscoe

.Matt Jackson

.Mia Yim

.Michael Elgin

.Mike Bennett

.Nick Jackson

.Nigel McGuinness

.Paul Turner

.Prince Nana

.R.D. Evans

.Rhett Titus


.Roderick Strong

.Shane Hagadorn

.Shelton Benjamin

.Steve Corino

.TJ Perkins

.Todd Sinclair

.Tommaso Ciampa

.Truth Martini .

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    Adam Cole - Face

    Andy Ridge - Face

    Bobby Cruise - Face

    Brutal Bob - Heel

    Caprice Coleman - Face

    Cary Silkin - Face

    Cedric Alexander - Face

    Charlie Haas - Face

    Davey Richards - Face

    Eddie Edwards - Face

    El Generico - Face

    Ernesto Osiris - Heel

    Grizzly Redwood - Face

    Harlem Bravado - Heel

    Homicide - Face

    Jay Briscoe - Heel

    Jay Lethal - Face

    Jim Cornette - Face/Heel, he can be a little bit of both

    Jimmy Jacobs - Face

    Kenny King - Face

    Kevin Kelly - Face

    Kyle O'Reilly - Face

    Lance Bravado - Heel

    Mark Briscoe - Heel

    Matt Jackson - Face/Heel

    Mia Yim - Heel

    Michael Elgin - Heel

    Mike Bennett - Heel

    Nick Jackson - Face/Heel

    Nigel McGuinness - Face

    Paul Turner - Face

    Prince Nana - Heel

    R.D. Evans - Heel

    Rhett Titus - Face

    Rhino - Face

    Roderick Strong - Heel

    Shane Hagadorn - Heel

    Shelton Benjamin - Face

    Steve Corino - Face

    TJ Perkins - Face

    Todd Sinclair - Face

    Tommaso Ciampa - Heel

    Truth Martini - Heel

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