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US Navy Submarine Ratings, SECF vs MM (Non Nuke, Sub)?

So, I went to MEPS today to get my job selection, I was offered alot of ratings but the only ones that interested me were

SECF program (after initial ATT I am put into either the STS, ET-RF, ET-NAV, or the FT rating)

MM (Sub School Contract)

Nuke (I like it but Im really worried that I will fail and that they will stick me in the surface fleet as an MM or EM, the ONLY ratings I wold want in the surface fleet are IS, ET or CT)

So I text my dad immediately after I got back to my Apartment and he told me that I should go MM(Aux) because all ETs, STs, and FTs, aboard subs are "******* nerds" he also said "when they arent working, they go back to their bunk and play with them selves while drooling over the newest video game"

(BTW, my dad served in the Navy from 1990 to Jan 2011)

Essentially, I want a rating that I can have respect with while in the Navy, and something that allows me to use my hands. Is my dad right about the SECF field? that they are treated as a bunch of weirdos? I like machines but I dont know if MM will get me a good career when I get out of the military. I could see my self as and SECF rating or MM but if SECF ratings get treated this bad I will just go MM (sub)

please help.


Ive chosen MM, I want to be able to use my hands and I like to get down with Machinery. I dont leave till april of next year so I get time to decide is dubs is where I want to go.

Update 2:

He is, he was a cook then reclassed to MM (Aux)

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    Join as a Navy submarine cook !!!

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    Was he on subs? If not then he doesn't know what he is talking about. ALL personnel on subs is not going back to their racks and playing with themselves while drooling over the newest video game. There is no time especially when getting qualified along with deployments. They will all work whatever hours is necessary and often that is an 18 hour day. There is a rivalry between the two areas yes they are always things about each other but they do work as a team in the end.

    YOU need to decide what YOU want to do yourself. All the Ratings you picked use your brain as well as your hands. Being a sub is hard, long hours, minimum communications with the outside world and you have to have the right mind set to do it

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    I was a nuke MM from 1983 to 2003. The failure rate in nuclear power school is not as high as it was in the past, very few fail these days. If you are interested in electronics, then you can go to nuke school as an electronics technician or electricians mate.

    On nuclear ships there is a bit of a divide in the crew between the nukes and non-nukes. On subs they call each other nukes or coners. We used to call the ST's sonar girls, the FT's fairy techs, nuke school failures nuke waste and so on. But in the end a Sailor is judged by how well they do their work and their professionalism. It does not really matter what their rate is. The Sailors that could really be counted on when times were tough did not get lots of crap.

    Do your job well and you get respect no matter what your rate is. A cook that did not care about his food got zero respect while a cook that put out good tasty food got respect and admiration as good food is one of the few perks a Sailor can look forward to on a long deployment.

    ET's and other electrical rates get decent training which leads to something good to put on their resume after getting out of the Navy. Nukes usually find it easy to get a job after the Navy due to their reputation as a person who is trainable. Any rate that gets you and A and C school is good.


    Source(s): 20 sub vet.
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