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What does the name Lois mean ?

There are so many different meanings online, anyone know any interesting ones, or the 'real' meaning ? :)

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    It comes from a Greek word and means "better."

    The origin of the name Lois is Greek

    Lois was most popular in the year 1950 (#83)

    LOIS ranks as 17303 .rd name according to its arithmetic value

    The sum of alphabetical order of letters in LOIS is 55 :

    One in every 3,107 Americans is named LOIS and popularity of name LOIS is 321.84 people per million.

    If we compare the popularity statistics of LOIS to USA's population statistics, we can estimate that as of November.16.2011 12:47 there are 100,830 people named as LOIS in the United States and the number is increasing by 846 people every year

    Usage of lois as a first name is 65.04 % and its usage as a middle name is 34.96 %. The sum of alphabetical order of letters in LOIS is 55 and this makes LOIS arithmetic buddies with words like Civil, Timid, Nimble, Dedicated, Leaner, Warm .

    So i am pretty sure the meaning is "better"




    Source(s): Scapbook ;/)
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    Well, it's true...the only Lois I know is in her 90s... She is an amazingly cool person though, and she always gives us the best Christmas gifts... she's almost like a third grandmother, and I think she's pretty awesome. :) As for the name itself... I really can't imagine Lois on a baby, but I think it would be gorgeous in the future. I can definitely imagine highschool and college Lois's, and I think they could work it quite wonderfully.. but I really can't picture it on a baby / toddler. So, I think it's an alright name... I think it has some potential pet names if used on a baby (or it would for me, I suppose), but I don't think it's a horrible name at all. It is dated, but many dated names are in. Classy is great, and Lois fits right in with them. It's not one I would personally jump at the chance to use, but it's not one that I would immediately cross off the list if my future husband was in love with it. I would probably try to suggest it as a middle name, though. But I say, if all of the other classics can make a revival, I'm sure Lois will someday soon. I'm just unsure if people will see it as a "baby name" as much as an "adolescent and beyond" name. -- Amy

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    it has a greek origin and means superior

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