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What happened between Sho and Jun (Arashi)?

Does anybody knows what happened between Sho and Jun from Arashi?

For exemple, this is what urban dictionary says:


A pairing in the Arashi group including SAKUrai Sho and MatsuMOTO Jun. Often called as Sakumoto, Sakumoto SJ, ShoJun, Bambi-zu, Niji, PandaxGolde Guy, the Tree pair (Sakura: cherry blossoms and Matsu: Pine), etc.

Often describes as the adult pair, or the subtle pair (because of their subtlety of showing their affections). They used to be closed to each other around Jr. era until 2003 and went into an 'ice age' era around 2006-2009/10.

Jun used to be Sho's no. 1 fan and he don't want to give his Sho-kun to anybody, even the fans. But because of something happened, they began to ignoring each other. And now, they are trying to 'melts the ice' between them.

Yeah! When Sho asked Jun and his old high-school mate about the letter thing, right?

"Yeah! When Sho asked Jun and his old high-school mate about the letter thing, right?"

Whaaaat? What kind of letter? Does anybody knows anything about this letter? Please let me know.

(Sorry for my english, I'm italian. XD)

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    hi~ I'm a ultimate Arashi fan but I NEVER heard that Arashi neither Sho n Jun got fight. they are a very close group. and they are very close to each other esp. Sho and Jun. I'm not sure I think about the letter it is just a rumor. because I'm very active in Arashi Fandom but i never heard about that letter. I'm pretty sure it is just a rumor. they even don't have ANY fight since their debut.

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    Sho Urban Dictionary

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    There might have been a rumour about them changing their leader but please do not belive it. I do believe that Arashi accept their current leader (Ohno) although the one that is organising the group is more likely to be Sho Sakurai.

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