Aviation weather sources?

I'm trying to find a little bit of information to support what I was taught years ago. I was told that you have to get your weather and notams from an approved source, either FSS, DUAT, or DUATs. At the time I believed what I was told without questioning it, but the more I learn the more I am unsure about that.

91.103 requires pilots to become familiar with weather and notams, but doesn't say anything about how you must get them. The QCIP requirements from AC 00-62 doesn't have anything to do with the quality of the information provided, and as an AC it certainly isn't regulatory.

I'm not questioning the use of reputable services like FSS or DUATs, but if I want to get my weather information from fltplan.com, AWC, or even the weather channel, I personally don't see a problem with it, but I'm looking for a publication or personal experiences that will ahead some light on the issue.


Skipper, that doesn't even relate to my question. I'm aware other sources exist, I even listed AWC (aviation weather center, the link you gave me), the question is about whether or not there is a requirement to use certain "approved" sources.

Update 2:

fanman, that brings up an interesting point of being able to prove you received the information. This may be legal question, so for now it's all "your best guess" unless someone happens to know of a specific examples, but would internet browser history on a personal computer with controlled access (password to log in) also serve as evidence of a briefing?

My gut tells me yes, as long as I have a good lawyer.

Update 3:

Now I remember why I don't frequent this site any more. What was a question about regulation has turned into why I'm not a competent pilot because I may get my weather from the tv rather than through the phone. Last I checked pressure systems and fronts do what they do regardless of who sees them doing it, but the point is moot because it has nothing to do with the original question. If you want to discuss how my airmanship needs to be improved, feel free to email me, otherwise keep it to yourself.

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    Here you have a nice guide written by FAA on to how to plan a flight accordingly to weather, and how to use approved weather information systems and what they are.


  • FanMan
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    There are many sources for accurate weather information, and different people prefer different sources. I use different sources for different things, whether just before flying or a longer term outlook, local or cross country, etc. The thing about DUAT is that it counts (and is on record) as an "official" briefing, just as if you called FSS on the phone, so if there's any issue caused by lack of the proper information, you can prove you had the briefing... I don't think that's true of other sources.

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    Like FanMan said, it's about "proving" you collected the information. I don't think search history would do it (you could have remained signed in, etc.) because there's no telling that was you (DUATs records your account tail number). Could question to send to John Yodice at AOPA maybe.

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    - You plan a flight

    - You get faxes or maps of current and predicted weather for your trip.

    The sources are not important, as long as you "trust" them! Faxes and maps for the latest TAFs and METARs.

    YOU decide to take off... or not.

    THAT is the role of a captain.

    If you fly like a lawyer, then, DON'T FLY.

    Fly like a Captain.

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  • Anonymous
    9 years ago

    "My gut tells me yes, as long as I have a good lawyer"

    >my< gut tells me you lack airmanship.

    your aviation weather sources should be those you won't be ashamed to deploy ad the ramp inspection from a fellow FAA guy.

    weather channel does not count as one of those.

    having weather channel as an "emergency data source" could be defendable.

    "being able to prove you received information" printed weather data from reputable sources make wonders.

    at least, a written down VOLMET information broadcast

    Source(s): where >I< fly, printed version of weather enroute and at destination present and predicted for the length of flight, has to be onboard together with the rest of documents for flight (the gross weight calculation etc)
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    4 years ago

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