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Social cognitive learning theory?

can someone please explain it in simple words?

Ive read it many times and i still cant get the concept

any help is appreciated:)


so its basically following society standards/its ethics and morals?

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    Social cognitive theory is a learning theory based on the ideas that people learn by watching what others do and will not do, these processes are central to understanding personality. While social cognitists agree that there is a fair amount of influence on development generated by learned behavior displayed in the environment in which one grows up, they believe that the individual person (and therefore cognition) is just as important in determining moral development.[2]

    People learn by observing others, with the environment, behavior, and cognition all as the chief factors in influencing development. These three factors are not static or independent; rather, they are all reciprocal. For example, each behavior witnessed can change a person's way of thinking (cognition). Similarly, the environment one is raised in may influence later behaviors, just as a

    father's mindset (also cognition) will determine the environment in which his children are raised.[2]

    Basically it claims that people learn all of their behavior by watching what others do and do not do but those that partially oppose this theory claim that people learn things by themselves too and from within themselves.

    I personally strongly agree with both of these claims.People do learn by watching what others do and do not do and create their morals accordingly but they also learn by themselves and from within themselves or their subconscious mind or their soul.

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    Cognitive Learning Theory

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    Teaching thought sequences through Rote learning.

    Rote learning is how we learn the 12 times table.

    Repeating it over and over till it gets committed to long term memory.

    Best Wishes.

    Mars Mission.

    Great Question.

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    People learn about how society works for interacting with others: they learn how people behave and think.


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