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Is Adam Vinatieri Hof kicker?

Yes or no and why

I know he a kicker but do you think he will be

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    There's only one kicker currently in the HOF and that's Yan Stenerud (forgive the spelling) who played for the Kansas City Chiefs. There have been other kickers since then that deserve to be in the HOF that aren't. Morten Anderson had or still may have the highest kicking %. Mark Mosely of the Washington Redskins was the NFL MVP in the 82-83 season and he's not in. Yeah Vinatieri made 2 SB winning field goals and had the game winning points in another SB, but if those other kickers aren't in the HOF, I'd say his chances are slim. I'm not saying it's right, I'm just saying it's not very likely.

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    Definetly. He sealed 3 victories for the Pats in the SuperBowl while also managing to kick the craziest kick ever in that snow game also known as the Brady Rule game. he deserves the praise of an HOF kicker i belive

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    As a life long Pats fan, I've always felt his contributions have been overrated except that playoff game against the Raiders when he made that FG in the snow. People also forget that in the 2nd SB vs. the Panthers he missed about 2 or 3 chip shots in that game. They shouldn't have needed that late FG. Except that snow game vs the Raiders I don't see how what he's done would be any different from any other decent kicker.

    To answer your question, I think he will be in the HOF but I wouldn't be surprised or upset if he's not.

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    If there was a HoF just for kickers and punters I would say absolutley. But seeing as there are still great players like Chris Carter, Jerry Kramer, and Andre Reed still waiting to enter, I see it being highly-unlikely

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  • Based on his body of work for both The New England Patriots and Indianapolis Colts, I would say yes. He has made high pressure field goals on all kinds of surfaces in all kinds of weather. In my opinion, he would have to be considered one of the best kickers in The History of The NFL.

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    Easily yes, he is the most clutch kicker of all time. Without him the Patriots do not win their 1st Superbowl.

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