HID help for 2000 ford focus SE?

I am wanting to install 10k HID headlights in my focus. I'm aware that not all HID's fit the 2000 focus so I want to make sure I buy the right ones. What type would I need, as in bulb type and things like that, I am thinking I need an HB2 bulb

In addition, I was interested in buying this particular 10K HID conversion kit from: www.blindinghid.com/b2.php?bulb=HB2&make=Ford&model=Focus&year=2000

I was looking at the first product for that link.

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  • 8 years ago
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    I probably wouldn't bother with HID's in a 12 year old Focus, but that's just me. I also definitely wouldn't buy from a nondescript, unknown website.

  • 8 years ago

    Considering that one replacement *bulb* for a real HID light (e.g., factory BMW) costs more than that, I would recommend against that kit.

    Since your car does not have self-leveling headlights, you'll blind oncoming drivers when your car tilts. (Thanks a lot.) And, the point of HID is that the light is white, so 10,000K lights make no sense.


    Source(s): Self-leveling headlights: http://auto.howstuffworks.com/adaptive-headlight1....
  • tommi
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    3 years ago

    how lots 1500-2000dollars? if so make helpful the oil is sparkling or no longer gritty and the trans is sparkling.those years have a topic with over heating by way of undesirable Thermostat housings and undesirable Radiator fan resistors. 120k on a 4cyl is excellent you could hit yet another 50-60k if dealt with.

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