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Game keeps Freezing ?

I play Arma 2 Free and i downloaded it off of steam, and it played pretty good, except for a little lagging in mulitplayer, especially in the Ches something map, but now I uninstalled the game and reinstalled it and now the lag is gone, but I went to Multiplayer again and now It freezes on me for about 10-20 seconds about every 20 seconds. Now don't try to tell me that it's my connection, because I went to single player in bootcamp, and the same thing. Anyone know what's going on? Why it worked and now it freezes now?

Processer > AMD C-50 Processor 1.oo GHz

Memory > 2.00 GB

System > 64-bit

Windows 7 compaq computer

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    u need to clean up your computer

    delete everything in your recycling bin

    and if u go all programs and go Accessories and find disc clean up

    and it should sort of stop the lagging

  • Could be your RAM try closing programs you don't use while you play it.

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    9 years ago


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