Can my baby have tri citizenship?

I was born in the US and so i have US citizenship. My father was born in Italy, and i was offered Italian citizenship, which i accepted. So i have dual citizenship. Our first child, was born in the US and has dual citizenship on my Italian passport.

Big news is that my husband is in the US army, and we are changing duty stations to Germany. We are thinking of expanding our family, and having another baby, and i want to know::

If i get pregnant and give birth in Germany, on a US military post will the baby be a US citizen or a Germany citizen, and we will have to get him US citizenship when we return state-side? Also, can i put him on my Italian passport and make him an Italian citizen as well? So he will have "tri" citizenship, can you even do that? Is tri citizenship even real?

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  • 9 years ago
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    German citizenship is absolutely OUT of the question. First, under treaty, all those born to military personnel based in German are expressly BARRED from making any claim to German citizenship (this is true practically everywhere a country has a military base or military members posted in another country).

    2. German citizenship law is strictly 'jus sanguinis' - based on blood. Even if you were not military, only a child born to a German citizen might have any birthright to German citizenship. And a child born out-of-wedlock can only get German citizenship if the mother is a German citizen, not if the father/putative father is a German citizen. So you can see that Germany is one of the strictest countries when it comes to citizenship & immigration.

    You will have to get US citizenship & US passport for your child immediately if you have a child while you are in Germany. You will need that US passport to bring baby back home to US. And if US military dependents need visas or other documentation to be in Germany while a family member is posted with US military, baby will need to obtain such papers immediately after birth. If you have a baby while hubby is posted in Germany, expect to have some serious paperwork chores immediately upon baby's birth.

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    Only the countries of North and South America, Lesotho, Fiji and Pakistan give birthright citizenship. All other countries require you to have a parent who is a citizen or who has permanent residence status.

    Your baby would not be entitled to German citizenship but would still be Italian-American.

    If your child had any entitlement to German citizenship, s/he would have to choose as an adult whether to keep US or German citizenship. Germany only allows dual citizenship if the other citizenship is of an EU member state or where the other citizenship cannot be lost. Since US citizenship can be renounced, your child would be unable to continue to hold both German and US, but could continue to hold Italian and German, or Italian and US citizenships.

    If all countries involved allow dual citizenship, tri citizenship and even more is possible. Your children could go on to acquire multi citizenships through emigration to other countries through marriage or work.

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    Tri-citizenship is not permitted. As the child will be born while in Germany, yet on a US military post the citizenship will be of US primarily. Secondary could be Italian being your child. Any other citizenship is unlikely given both parents citizenship taken into account. EU will have its own laws.

  • Alex G
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    Your child can have tri citizenships but is not entitled to German citizenship because none of the parents is German. I believe the USA is one of the last countries in the world that grants citizenship on the basis of being born on US territory regardless of the citizenship of the parents.

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    Germany doesn't have birthright citizenship. Since neither of you is German the child will not be German if born in Germany. Italian and US citizenship, yes.

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    9 years ago

    If i get pregnant and give birth in Germany, on a US military post will the baby be a US citizen or a Germany citizen, >>US<< and we will have to get him US citizenship when we return state-side? <<No>> Also, can i put him on my Italian passport and make him an Italian citizen as well? <<No>>

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    The baby would be born on U.S. soil and will have Italian and U.S. citizenship, both based on jus sanguinis. In order for it to be born a German citizen, one of the parents would have to be a German citizen.

    Tri-citizenship is real, as I have it, but it's not an option for your baby.

    Source(s): The son of a German mother and a Swedish father, I have lived in 6 European countries before immigrating to Southern California two decades ago. I work as a corporate attorney in Santa Barbara and my main interest lies in issues concerning multiple citizenships.
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    Yes, the child could have tri-citizenship if it had a claim to German citizenship but it won't.

    Germany does NOT have birthright citizenship, in order to have a claim to citzienship one or both parents would need to be German citizens. As neither of you are German citizens the child will have no claim to German citizenship.

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    Ask the military layers how it's done.

  • 9 years ago

    Yes .

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