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Anonymous asked in 文學及人文學歷史 · 9 years ago

1st Balkan War

Why Anti-Austrian feeling ran high in Serbia after the 1st Balkan War?


Which state benefitted most from the 1st and 2nd Balkan War? Why?

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    After the first Balkan war, the treaty of London was signed. In the treaty, Austria insistent on creating a new states, Albania, in order to keep the the Serbia expansion and her Slave nationalism as she seem Serbia as an obstacle to her expansion. Serbia dissatisfied with the creation of Albania by Austria as she could gain much if it was without the Albania. Thus, the the Serbian resented the Austria.

    The Serbia benefitted most from the 1st and 2nd Balkan War as after the 1st and 2nd Balkan War, Her size was much enlarged. Also, it was a military success to her. The victory of the war further encourage her nationalism, a greater Serbia, within her country

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  • 9 years ago

    The anti-Austrian feeling in Serbia started from Berlin Congress in 1878. According the the settlement, Bosnia and Herzegovina was put under Austrlian rule, but the soverity is still in the hand of Ottoman Empire. However, Serbia would like the acquire this province in order to get an outlet the Mediterreanean Sea.

    Also, Serbia always advocated nationalism in Balkan Peninsula. We know that Austrian-Hungarian Empire is a multi-national empire. The spread of nationalism would lead to internal unrest of the Austrian-Hungarian Empire.

    In 1908, Austria annexed Bosnia and Herzegovina as a direct province, Serbian hope was totally broken.

    From here, we can already see the conflict bewteen Serbia and Austria become more and more fierce before the outbreak of the Balkan Wars.

    In 1912, the 1st Balkan War broke out, Serbia's size are doubled. The strengthened Serbia has got a huge ambition over the Austrian controlled Bosnia and Herzegovina. On the other hand, Austria was always looking for territorial expension along the Adriatic Sea, which lead to the conflict between Serbs and Austrian become tighter.

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    With the aid of map after the 1st Balkan War, you can see the member of Balkan League has got a significant benefit in land because the European territories of Ottoman Empire were almost ceded to Serbia, Greece, Bulgaria and Montenegro. They are winners of war

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    However, Bulgaria lost all of her gains in the 2nd Balkan War to her former alliance and Ottoman Empire... which makes her become the only losers in the wars bewteen 1912 and 1913. Serbia, Greece, Montenegro, Albania can be regarded as winners of war

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