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Should Public Universities cut funding for their arts programs?

Conservatives might actually be surprised by my position on this (I wrote this):

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    Well written but I completely disagree with this: "The bottom line is that although the arts enrich our national culture, they don’t meaningfully contribute to the economic productivity of America."

    Did you forget that companies like Boeing are loaded with artists illustrating everything from plans for planes to repair manuals? Same with car manufacturers, and manufacturers of anything else with parts. If it can be put together by someone, and if it can break and be repaired, there are illustrated assembly and repair instructions for it, and there are also illustrations for use of many products.

    You seem also to fail to notice that everything you use, from your scissors, to your stapler, to your toothbrush, to your clothing, to the chair you're sitting in, to the building you occupy, had designers -- who majored in art. Remember logos? Designed and patterned into company cards, stationary, packaging, etc. by artists. Same with every form you fill out.

    Then there are the fields of television, magazines, books, packaging and advertising, to name just a few more that use fine arts.

    Did you also forget the role that artists play in supplying the visual props for important business meetings all over the globe, including meetings about military planes, ships, and other hardware?

    Who do you think illustrated the textbooks and built the models your doctor (yes and nurses) used to learn his or her trade in school? Or those that educated any other professional?

    That's just off the top of my head, so as far as what I missed, look around you. The room you are sitting in, and the world you live in are chock full of the work of artists.

    And as far as those who fill the walls of museums with their paintings? Or even those who put together craft items to sell at street fairs? The world would be a much poorer -- and uglier -- place without them. So go wash your keyboard out with soap, dear.


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    I agree with the first answer. I think that people often mistake "the arts" for those who major in the subject in college and then spend the rest of their lives living in their parents' basement and mooching off of others while they're waiting for their latest painting/sculpture to sell. But the truth is that art is everywhere. It's your clothing, in your bedding, in the car that you drive, all of the websites that you visit--and the list goes on and on. Sure, the artists of our world may not make as noticeable of an impact as those who...say...major in medicine--but that doesn't make them any less valuable.

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