Please, Opinions on these Names?

Basically, I would like to know what kind of person you think of personality wise and appearance wise when you hear these names. Next to the name is their age and also it is for a fictional writing piece I'm writing and I am not going to be naming any children.





Veena- 20











Kellan- 18

Thanks so much for your time and help!!!

Most detailed response wins best answer! (assuming it isn't extremely rude or something)

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    Carter-15 - A girl who is a tomboy, but still acts and looks quite feminine. She has blonde hair that she usually has up in a ponytail and brown eyes. Is good at tennis and spends a lot of time in her tennis outfit. Wears jeans and t-shirts usually, but doesn't dress 'manly'. She has a husky voice. Also likes to play video games.

    Reagan-12 - Very intelligent for her age, and is a huge bookworm. Isn't overly extroverted but wouldn't be described as shy. She has long caramel brown hair that is very curly. Big greeny-blue eyes and a unique button-like nose. Is naturally pretty/feminine looking but doesn't pay too much attention to her appearance.

    Melicita-16 - Hispanic, curvy, gorgeous, wavy black hair and big eyes. Is very flirty and aware of her good looks. Is admired by many but not exactly in the 'popular' group. She dresses in somewhat tacky clothes (mini skirts, heels, leopard print, tight low cut tops) and uses her looks (and boobs) to get what she wants.

    Veena- 20 - A college student who is responsible and studious. I imagine her having a lot of duties (e.g. looking after younger siblings or a sick parent or something). Is very ambitious and aspires to be a doctor. Isn't very attractive and doesn't have time to worry about what she looks like. Is very pale, with light brown eyes and dark brown hair and glasses.

    Florese-17 - Is very dainty and feminine. Quiet, kind, nice. Has blondish-brown hair that is usually in a side braid. Is very girly and wears a lot of dresses and skirts. Is very musical and loves to sing and play the piano. Is smart but doesn't put as much effort into her studies as she should due to her singing/choir obligations.

    Evela-11 - Goes by Evie. Is very loud and energetic. Always bouncing around the house and running amok. Is into all types of sports and is especially good at soccer. Doesn't care about her grades or her looks or anything not to do with sports. Hangs around mostly guys and is considered 'one of the guys'. But comes from a traditional household and is always forced into dresses and attending fancy functions. Is quite short, shoulder length brown hair and bright blue eyes.

    Candlyn-14 - Is pretty and well liked, but is very insecure. Not quite in the popular group but aspires to be like them. Is forever reading magazines trying to change her looks and clothes to make herself more 'cool'. Has very light blonde hair, green eyes and isn't as thin as she'd like.

    Mailee-13 - Is like a mini adult. Is very responsible and is always acting older than her age (e.g. tries to take control of the younger kids or even people her own age). Likes to think she can cook, even though she can't. Is bossy and controlling but also loving and warm at times. Feels that she is above other kids her age and doesn't play any of their childish games, and because of this doesnt have too many friends her age.


    Gavin-13 - Typical 13 year old boy, likes to get dirty and play rough, isn't too fussed about his studies. Plays video games and sports. He is slightly chubby with curly red hair and blue eyes.

    Asher-16 - Rich and good looking. Sometimes acts condescending and superior. Is smart, well spoken and polite. Although he acts stuck up a lot he isn't aware he is doing so and generally tries to be a nice guy. Has messily styled brown hair, blue eyes and a very sharp jawline. Because of his very privileged upbringing, can be quite sheltered and naive.

    Miles-14 - A nice boy that is going through a rebellious stage. He is sad about something (i dunno what, maybe parents divorce?) and is acting out. Was smart but is now failing almost all his classes, is always out somewhere but no one knows where he goes. He is naturally blonde but dyed his hair black and has blue eyes. Wears ripped jeans and shirts. Is always dressed in depressing dark colours.

    Vincent-22 - Was popular in high school and a bit of a jerk but is now a genuinely nice guy. Works for his dad doing business-y type stuff but wants to be a teacher. Is good looking with black hair, green eyes and dimples.

    Corbin-13 - Best friends with Gavin but is a lot more mature and serious. Although he does do typical boy stuff like play video games and sports, he is also smart and likes to read. Gets in trouble a lot at school but it's usually only because he happens to be with Gavin at the scene of the crime. Has long-ish brown hair and blue eyes.

    Kellan- 18 - Is part nerd, part class clown. He is insecure and so he is constantly hiding behind his jokes. Is extroverted but also very shy at times. Average looks - short curly brown hair and brown eyes.

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    1. Nikaleah Nobel (my favorite!) 2. Nikalani Prudence 3. Nikessia Mercy 4. Nikoralee Memory 5. Nikanna Epiphany 6. Nikaline Verity 7. Nikeshlyn Constantini

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    Carter is a tom boy with sandy blonde hair in a bob cut. She loves soccer and doing risky things. She never hates on anyone and is one of the guys.

    Raegan (my friend's name is Raegan. she is twelve...) Dark brown and long hair with brown eyes. Loud, and outgoing. Kind of religious. Can be mean if wanted. Plays flute.

    Melicita is short and carefree. She has black hair and blue eyes. Wears the color yellow alot. A little shy, but still carefree.

    Veena is a B student. Italian and dark brown hair that is wavy and shoulder length. Has a temper but is very sweet.

    Florese is stuck up and snobby. Bleach blonde hair and defined features. Protective of things she cares about.

    Evela is a teacher's pet in school. A lot of kids are jealous of her beauty at such a young age. Almost too sweet.

    Candlyn is shy and nervous about any challenge that comes her way but is smart and faces it all head on. She has light brown hair that goes down her back and bangs that cover her eyes.

    Mailee is popular in school for being a cheerleader. She is brunette with a pink streak in her hair. very preppy, but nice.

    Gavin is a country boy and would like nothing more than sitting around in boots and plaid. Plays guitar. Blonde-ish brown hair.

    Asher is all about hip hop and club music. He parties every weekend and doesn't care who knows. He is tall and tan.

    Miles is another country boy but with a thick NYC accent. Wanting to go into the music buisness. Medium heigth and sandy blonde.

    Vincent is calm and quiet. He lets things happen before he plans them. He is tall, dark, and handsome.

    Corbin likes making people laugh. he has black hair and deep green eyes.

    Kellan is toned and tan. Everyone loves him. He laughs,alot.

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    Girls: Mailee

    Boys: Vincent

    Those names are the most wise names for me because when I imagine reading those names in a novel I can assume that they are wise, well dressed, good looking, interesting and respectful people.

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    carter= the mid class boy that everyone knows but doesn't play sports or get into mischeif

    reagan= the really smart lil boy who is the smartest kid at school and doesn't play sports

    Melicita= a well known girl at school, gets along with everyone. top dancer at her school and has a nice boyfriend.

    Veena- ur average girl that is just there and does what she has to do to be what she has to be in class. she goes to school. has a job at school and outside of school. has a nice boyfriend and enjoys family time.

    florese- a person named after her grandmother, very well spoken does what is asked of her and always aims for her best. dreams of being a success in 5-10 years.

    evela- a girl who is always with a man, doesn't take no for an answer. very assertive. doesn't accept mess from anyone, has bout a b average in school. long brown hair, good body shape about 4'11.

    candlyn, a girl who hangs with only a few girls. talks alot in class but doesn't what needs to be done. short girl blonde hair in a pony tail and crushes on guys who she in reality would never wana date.

    Mailee- a popular girl at school. doesn't assocaite with everyone. gets c and bs. not athletic really. loves make up. loves curly hair. plaid. always looking to meet new people but finds out and if they aren't her type or something worth her time she slowly lets them go. boys and girls.


    Gavin- your average guy. likes to go to sports rather than play. the guy who always has a girlfriend and is known as the helper and the generous one.

    asher- the athletic one. plays football basketball and baseball. always the one who volunteers but never has time for himself. he tries to do go and just wants a break but never gets it.

    miles- another popular kid that everone knows but not love. a bit of a jerk but still has a kind heart.

    vincent- ladies man, likes to take the ladies to dinner and a movie, then back to his place to talk, but not to get busy. the kind of guy u take home to mom.

    corbin- the kid who likes to do different things. experiments with everything. doesn't back down from anything. gets really good grades in school. and isn't afraid to express his self. especially with the ladies.

    kellan- the kid who hangs out with mainly guys talks to ladies but likes his guy time for now.

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    i like mailee and gavin the most

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