SKYRIM what should be an argonian stance on the civil war?

i'm playing skyrim as an argonian because i played oblivion and morrowind as one

i am struggling to pick a side (ive seen most people have a similar issue but i have some more specific sub-questions)

i want to be with the stormcloaks because after dealing with the guards in oblivion i would love to crush the legion without being the bad guy but that's also what im afraid ill become

i heard an imperial chick in solitude say how the empire wants to keep the empire whole so they can stand against the thalmor and that if they have to give up talos in order to prevent annihilation so be it, which i understand but the stormcloaks see giving up talos as worse than defeat and with the innumerable issues and immense corruption and control shown by the empire they want to govern themselves which i also understand it seems as though in the long run the empire needs to maintain stability in order for men to be free from elf control while the stormcloaks goal doesn't seem to include the bigger picture while being a much more noble cause

so my question is which is better for the people of skyrim ultimately

at the same time i want to know according to TES lore what would be an argonians stance on these events, while the thalmor would probably go after the beastfolk once they are done with men

at the current time it does not effect them directly

this is an issue cause i play HCAJ with an emphasis on alteration related shenanigans

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    In the mission where you sneak around the Thalmor embassy you will find a journal that the Thalmor discusses what would happen if one side or the other wins the civil war. The Thalmor wants to keep the empire and the rebellion busy. The Thalmor would hate most if the Empire were to win, but they also don't want to have the rebellion win. So my philosophical view is this; I hate the Empire (in this game) but if it will help to crush those little Thalmor basturds that much quicker, then Empire all the way. A means to and end my friend, the lesser of two evils...

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    I sided with stormcloaks. Why would the Nords of Skyrim want to have to deal with the political issues of the Imperials and all the troubles that it brings including the Thalmor? Plus, Why are the Thalmor the bad guys? Sorry I answered your question with some questions.

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    Actually they would probably side with the imperials, i remember entering Windhelm and talking to a Dark elf and how some stormcloaks were giving her hard time and she said something about not only were they picking on dark elves but have also targeted Argonians.

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  • dineen
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    they only keep on with their personal strains. I beat it because the Stormcloaks and killed the douchey Imperial customary, yet each from time to time human beings like Ralof are nevertheless like "HOW BOUT THAT conflict GOIN ON LOL". also, after my victory, Ulfric remains a Jarl, not a severe king yet. The Civil conflict isn't the commonly used storyline in any case.

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    Leonard Reynolds and Jamie Williams posted the same question. You should see their answers side by side.

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