I'm ready to call him my b/f...am I rushing (guys in 30's PLEASE answer for me?)?

Okay so first let me explain-I've been divorced for over a year (ni this time I haven't dated anyone!)-i'm a waitress in a nice restaurant and on a guy I was waiting on I left my number for him. He had texted me later that same day saying he was "flattered and would love to get to know me." This was a sunday-I went to his house on a saturday night. We had pizza, watched a comedy movie (tho we didn't finish) and I ended up staying the night. Next morning he walked me ot his door and I told him i had a good time. He sent me a text after saying I left my alcohol, lol. A few days went by and only talking a little to one another. he explained being busy with work and said he would talk to me when things settled down. I asked him if he wanted to possible go out again. He sent me a text saying "What a day! I'd like to see you again...we'll just have to see how our schedules work out. Things are so hectic right now. How was your day?"

He has never called or sent a text to say good night and normally I try to limit myself so I'm not pestering him (I really like this guy and don't want to run him off) I started thinking that maybe I allowed us to move too fast on the first date-told him today I had somethign to ask him. I asked him if he saw me slutty or somthing, because its not at all what I wanted. He replied back to me saying "No, I know its not a normal thing"

In the mornings or each day rather, I'm the first to send a message to him, saying good morning and hope his day goes well. He always replies back saying thank you or saying he hopes my morning is going well too. Though sometimes it has been hours later. I do believe the man is busy with work, he holds a high position there. But because I have trust issues i wonder if maybe he's lying, or keeping me on the side while he's seeing or talking to someone else.

At the same time , I dont want to say or ask something thats gonna make him feel "this is too fast." But I'm not seeing anyone else, even though I probably could I just don't do that. If I'm talking or interested in one guy thats who I stay interested in. I 'd like the same respect back but if nothing is official you can't force it. And thinking that he might be seeing someone doesn't make me feel well. I feel I'm getting a raw end of a deal when the guy is getting it better (from me.) At the same time, I dont want to start over again. It took everything i had to force myself to leave the guy my number or make a move. I'm usually the shy one that doesn't do that-but if I dont take a chance then I end up alone regardless.

Sorry it's so long, but what do you people think. Guys especially-please give me your comment.

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  • n2mama
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    9 years ago
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    If I'm understanding this correctly, you've gone on exactly one 'date', and that ended up in bed, and now you want to call him your boyfriend? Yes, I'd say you're rushing it for sure.

  • 9 years ago

    Way too soon.

    You're hyper reactive from being so lonely for so long.

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