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Closing the nasal cavity when singing?

Is this technique a good way for me to stop singing with my nose:

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The only why I can sing without using my nose is closing off my nasal cavity (shown in the video above) but I heard this technique is false and it shouldn't be used.

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    It's called Closed Velaport Control and should only be used on very high notes. The uvula raises and lies itself against the back wall of the throat, behind the nose. It is a technique which should only be practiced and learnt with a voice coach. It stops the air and tone going through the nose. It should never be used for the entire song as overuse can cause the vocal ligament to lose it's elasticity and you will sing with wide vibrato all the time this is called 'senile vibrato'.

    There are a number of reasons why people have too much sound coming from their nose. 1. Mouth too closed when they sing. 2. Hard Jaw and tongue. 2. Incorrect resonance the list goes on and on. Find a good voice coach.

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