What is it like to live in Germany?

I might be moving to Germany soon, I'm living in the U.S right now. Is it really different, or similar? Like are the schools the same, are the houses the same, music, fashion, technology, ect?

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  • Gerd P
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    9 years ago
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    Well, it's another country and for sure things will be different. It will also depend on the place you will be living. In big cities like Berlin, Hamburg, Munich, Cologne, or Frankfurt/Main you might find similar circumstances like in Washington, D.C. However should you move to a small village in the country you might find it boring same as if you would relocate to the mid-west of America.

    The education system is quite different in Germany. Since Germany is a Federal Republic the education system can be different depending on the the Federal State you will going to. In general you start school at an age between 5 and 6 years. After 4-6 years of primary education at the "Grundschule" (basic school) you can chose or it will be recommended how to continue secondary education. This can be "Hauptschule" (general school) which in general will be visited until completion of 9th grade in order to start occupational training of 2½ years for a blue collar profession. "Realschule" will be visited until completion of 10th grade in order to start occupational training for a blue or white collar profession. A "Gymnasium" [has nothing to do with the U.S. gym] will be visited until finishing of 12th or 13th grade which will lead to the ability to study at a University. It can be compared to the U.S. high school or a U.S. collage preparatory high school. Tertiary education is provided at universities, universities of applied sciences (Fachhochschule), academies, colleges.

    The size of houses depends on the place of residence. Within big cities they are usually smaller than on the country side. A California King Bed (Rihanna is well known) will not fit in a regular sleeping room of a German apartment which has a size of about 16-20 m³ (172-215 square feet). However it is common to built houses in Germany with concrete and they last for several generations to live in. Electricity cables are laid underground and thunderstorms do not lead to power outages [also covers the technology question].

    The music broad casted on German radio stations is a mix of English and German songs of which the majority is sung in English. However there are also lots of UK or other European performers who use the English language. The airplay top-ten charts of last week had Bruno Mars, Maroon 5 feat. Christina Aguilera, Nickelback, David Guetta feat. Usher, Rihanna feat. Calvin Harris, and Sean Paul feat. Alexis Jordan as entry. Hence you will hear lot of American music in Germany. Watching TV might be a problem if you do not understand German. Unfortunately my country tends to overdub all movies or TV series originally in the English language with the German language using voice actors. This leads to the fact that U.S. actors in films or TV series speak German. I pity this behavior since it prevents Germans from learning the correct pronunciation of the English language. Much more people are able to speak English/American In countries which just broadcast movies or TV-series with subtitles in their language. This is the case in the Netherlands and in most Scandinavian countries. I don't understand why my country does not use this opportunity, but again education is subject to the decision of the Parliament (Landtag) of the 16 states.

    As an old man I am not really interested in fashion. However you can see all different brands if you walk through the car-free shopping zones or in shopping malls of German cities. The increased tend to use English terms really gets me on my nerves. You just see "SALE" throughout all of Germany ;:)

    I really don't know about your concerns about technology. Germany is a developed country, the usage rate of the high-speed internet is higher in Germany compared to the U.S. You will find a good public transport system which enables you to travel without the need to use a car. Environmental protection is a big issue in my country.

    I hope you enjoy the stay in Germany!

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    9 years ago

    Learn German!!!!

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