USAA or Navy Federal?

Now, I currently do everything through USAA, such as banking, credit card, investments, loans, and auto and renters insurance.

United Services Automobile Association is an insurance company which owns a bank. To obtain auto insurance with USAA you must've been an E-5 or above in the military. When I served in the military, I never made E-5, which makes me ineligible for auto insurance through the regular USAA inter-insurance exchange, and as a result I am insured through USAA General Indemnity Company, which USAA describes as company insuring non-standard risk drivers.

Now I do love USAA, they've always been great, but I can't help but feel like I'm a 2nd class member, as I'm technically an "associate member", and have no voting rights in the association, as opposed to a regular "member", who does.

I'm considering transferring my banking to Navy Federal Credit Union, because to the best of my knowledge they don't discriminate based upon your service rank. As a CU member, I would have a voice, but sadly they don't offer insurance. They offer discounts through GEICO, which interestingly enough was founded by a former USAA employee.

I do value my membership at USAA, even though I'm a second class citizen, but I feel like I'd have more "control" at a credit union, specifically NFCU. I've been a USAA member for just over 5 years.

Any thoughts or advice?

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    9 years ago
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    You are factually correct on one important matter that confuses most others: you are only an "associate member" and not one of the 2.5 million true "subscribing members" of the "reciprocal inter-insurance exchange" which is most properly called "United Services Automobile Association". Your question reflects your concern that you are a second-class citizen at USAA - and that no voting rights run with being insured by USAA General Indemnity Company. I researched your question.

    A "first class" member, a USAA subscribing member named Helwig Van Der Grinten, had $10,000 in his "USAA subscriber account" which was his cash contribution to USAA's capital. Having a vote, Van Der Grinten wanted to replace the figurehead Attorney in Fact who runs USAA, a woman named Laura M. Bishop, because he lacked faith in both her trust worthiness and character. Van Der Grinten had successfully started getting other members to give him their proxies for the next annual meeting and he was immediately sued by USAA for criticizing the regime. Van Der Grinten could find no lawyer in San Antonio with the guts to go up against USAA - except one who wanted $25,000 up front. He found a lawyer in Houston, a USAA member named Reginald McKamie, who took the case for $10,000 up front.

    Everybody in Texas is very frightened of USAA: Judges, Lawyers, Politicians, the Police, the FBI . . . : they all slavishly genuflect before General Robles who runs USAA. And they tremble and defecate in their pants as they back away in fearful deference to Robles' brutal powers.

    John H. Moellering and Josue Robles, who jointly operate USAA, don't like people inquiring into their affairs. They consider USAA "their" private company - beyond the scrutiny of all regulators. That both Moellering and Robles are not eating breakfast with Bernie Madoff is testimony to the fact that the SEC has no time to prosecute the $8 billion SEC 1934 12g Ponzi Scheme at USAA.

    So - you'd like to have a vote in the way John H. Moellering and Josue Robles run USAA? I suggest you stop thinking too much and start running the other way. You will find plenty of other insurers who will beat the pants off of USAA. Robles has to feed too many hungry corrupt mouths at headquarters to be really price competitive.

    If you want to do something constructive – do a financial analysis and explain to all of us how in heaven's name Robles is ever going to pay back the $8,000,000,000 he's borrowed from the subscribing members?

    Remember: you may love USAA – but be assured that Moellering, Robles, and Laura M. Bishop do not love you. I'd consider the whole question of whether "loving an insurance company" is the right way to approach your financial security. Have you ever wondered why Robles spends so much of your money on PR telling you about the "love fest" at USAA. USAA is a cult. Stay away!

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    USAA is a bank, but it is the best bank to belong to, if you can join. i would definitely keep USAA for everything, especially if you are happy with it. The only reason I can see going with Navy Fed, is that they are more local and more general branches. Seeing how big Navy Fed is, you may have a "voice", but no real control, unless you get a bunch of other members to go along with you. You know USAA is consistently tops in everything, so you should let the minor thing bug you too much.

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    I belong to a military credit union.

    I have never had any desire to vote

    If voting is that important to you - switch or open an account at both banks

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    it's possible yes

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