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Chance me for Syracuse (and SUNYs)?

Hey guys! I'm a white, female junior and I'd love to go to SU. Do I have a chance? Be honest!!!! My GPA is around a 3.5 (my school doesn't do weighted), and on the PSAT I got a 1490 (but that was the psat, and I plan to get a ton higher).

I have great ECs:

JV tennis (9 and 10)

Varsity tennis (11)- won all-county 2nd team award, I expect to be captain next year

Started my own business and recruited three of my friends (we teach tennis lessons)

Ski Club (9- present)

Dimensions Literary Magazine- (10- present)

Environmental Club (10- present)

French National Honors Society (10-present)

Interact Club (started this year, 11)

Model U.N. (started this year, 11)

Teen Advisory Board (president in 9th, co-president in 10th, peer embassador 11), many volunteer oppurtunites through this

Stage crew for multiple productions

Volunteered at outdoor summer concert series

I take piano and tennis lessons

Electives: Choir (9- present), Studio Art, Painting, Small Business Ownership, Sociology, and Environmental

Classes (everything not listed was standard):

Honors French (9, 10, 11)

Honors Global (10)

AP American (11)

AP English (11)

Next year I plan to take (everything not listed will be standard):

AP Chem

Leadership (AP)

IB French

IB theory of knowledge

My essay will be better than decent (I'm a good writer).

My only worry is the SAT. Do you think I have a shot? (I want to also apply for SUNY New Paltz and Suny Geneseo). Thanks!!!

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    you sound well rounded enough to get in. You have a good GPA, a good PSAT score and a lot of extracurriculular activities. You also take some difficult classes. I would think you have a solid foundation.

    You probably need to find out what you need to apply to Syracuse. Do they require an essay? Do they require an interview? When are the deadlines. If you are a junior, you probably have enought time.

    Good luck.

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