Why do men like Penn State's Jerry Sandusky always molest children?

Men complain that they are always looked at as sex predators but do they really have a right to complain when they do stuff like this?

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  • 9 years ago
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    Statistically women are more abusive because they have more access. Gay child abusers do seem to molest children of their own sex. I could also ask why child abusing straight women teachers always seem to be having sex with their male students.

    Where do you get off lumping all men together? If you put me in with a hundred naked and horney gay teenage boys I'd tell them all to learn some self control and behave themselves. If it was straight teen girls I'd walk out. I don't do kids. I don't know anyone who does. Even the gay men and women I know don't do kids.

    Why is it that people like you always want to make out that some other part of the population is the enemy and the problem?

    The problem was one person who has no excuse and a load of people who should have made sure he was dealt with by the law and also have no excuse. If I ever see anything of that sort I will pursue it with the authorities and the press until it has been dealt with properly.

    Maybe it's because sport is business now and business people have no integrity?

  • 4 years ago

    Why does their faith make a difference right here? U think of catholics do no longer locate their practices undesirable? They did what pontious pilate did to christ. that's no longer precise. specific, i recognize what the catholic church is doing. i do no longer stand for it, yet I do comprehend it. it relatively is a mandatory evil. The church is in short grant of clergy, so they excuse what the re mainlyclergy individuals do. because of the fact the provision is short, however the call for is great. regardless of in the event that they are catholic, I ddon'tthink they did what they did as a results of no judging element the two. Joe Paterno did what he did to maintain his palms sparkling(he did persist with pprotocol, and, he additionally knew, if he did the main suitable, ethical element(as he preaches to his gamers), he could've misplaced a sturdy assistant coach. So, he...took one for the team. Jerry Sandusky? properly....i think of he have been given off by applying victimizing the helpless. very comparable to abusive spouses n mum and dad do. whilst that is adults n young ones, that is not any longer entirely approximately intercourse, that is deeper, that is greater approximately administration and obedience. he's been doing this for seven years, so all of the toddlers in the previous, merely persisted for the affection of the team, for the affection of a guy who took young ones off the streets n presented a house for them, and so on. i'm happy somebody got here fwd, finally...and it' unhappy that maximum of positioned footfall merely before young ones' secure practices. yet as u observed MANY pupils rioting exterior paterno's homestead because of the fact they are indignant he have been given fired, then u additionally recognize the potential of the sport, and the aura of a sturdy coach who could pass each of how for his team(and a powerful paycheck), yet merely went 0.5 way...for some unfavourable defenseless young ones. faith ddoesn'tplay a function in this. Plus, if u quite wanted to renowned this, u could've googled it or some thing, as a substitute, u ask that form of q right here, so what did U surely need to renowned? their faith, or their reason for overlaying up mmalice Preachers of many different denominations n faiths try this too, however the catholics have constantly come below hearth, so u %. on what's uncomplicated.

  • 9 years ago

    So because one man is accused of molesting children that all men are child molesters.

    I'm sorry. I don't follow your logic. That would be like saying because teacher Mary Jo Laturno was convicted of having sex (and a child) with one of her minor students that all women should just admit they prey on young boys.

  • 9 years ago

    It's not "all men abuse" , it's "more men abuse". The non-abusers get pissed because they are being painted with the same brush as abusers when they haven't --and never would-- do anything like this.

    Women do not sexually abuse more than men--THAT is absurd. It was something along the lines of 16% of sexual abusers are women--and that INCLUDES all the LeTournouxs out there.

    And don't think I didn't notice the usual rapist apologist on here--men are idiots. Not ALL men, just the men who are idiots are idiots, of course

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  • 9 years ago

    They dont complain because a man did this

    they complain because people assume ALL MEN DO THIS

    isn't that common sense? I guess not!

  • Anonymous
    9 years ago

    I didn't know I molest children! Good thing you informed me. Knowing is half the battle right?

    Source(s): Your absurd accusations against men.
  • Anonymous
    9 years ago

    Ahem, he hasn't been found guilty yet. The media may have branded him guilty, but according to our laws, he is innocent until proven guilty.

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