Uhhhh...like, is all that stuff twirling around in Cain's head making him dizzy or something?


Maybe he's dizzy from imagining that there's no pizza.




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This video SUCKS!


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  • Anonymous
    9 years ago
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    I like to share with you some of my discover over secret societies and NWO. That shaking information woke me up to the truths and reality, all of them very secret societies like a 170 year old Illuminate, Bilderberg, Bohemian grove, Globalist, Skull & Bones. The group consists of 13 bloodlines families and headed by the Rothschild family who are hold half world wealth. There honorable members are Kings, Queens rich and famous like Rockefeller, Carnegie, Bush, Koch Brothers, Murdoch almost all politician, religious leaders, financial institutions, international corporations and much moor it is wide world conspiracy. They are supporters of NWO and today it is no more secret. Many politicians after they elected became milliners in no time. They are influenced and corrupted by string pullers in bribes with political power and money, and if they don’t do good job for NWO they out or assassinated. They are big time enabler’s string pullers using them to implement NWO plans. There step #1creation EU (European Union) it already exists. Step #2 NAU (North America Union it is one government new constitution and currency) Step#3 AU (Asian Union) Step #4 NWO (Unite all unions in one and creat New Word Order it is one world government) Today only Iran, Syria and North Korea not under their control yet. NWO involved in ideology and work of Karl Mar’s, Linen, Stalin, Hitler, Mussolini, Franco, Mao Zedong and they all was involved in a global plans creation of Communism, Fascism. There biggest achievements are revolutions in French, Russia, China, World War I, and World War II. During this evil time many hundreds of millions people was illuminated. NWO kills humans in a past, present and will do much more in future. Today NWO kills humans with same tactics like in the past they only don’t talk openly over their final plans. Their favorite ways are Wars, Starvations, Viruses, Manipulating stock markets, Creation economic crisis and many other ways most of us don’t now and don't understand. Today in our present time “Bilderberg” make decision who going to be elected and where. Do we have in our Cities and Country independent media? NWO in control of world media and they spreading there lies and propaganda to all humanity. We only can see truth between lines of their propaganda. This is a secret conspires to control and take over word. NWO has a plan to kill 90% world population and slave the rest of 500 hundred million people (Yes it is new worldwide Holocaust). NWO leaders not fully human many of them trained in Satanic Babylonians Pagans cults and rituals like Skull & Bones whose satanic themes and rituals have been filmed and exposed to the people. Time countdown continues we all must investigate, research and expos all facts of NWO plans. There is nothing to fear be strong and expose their agenda and evil plans but if you want to be a market as a slave, go ahead cause in totalitarian NWO satanic regime will be only two classes of people masters super rich elite and there slaves. Can you guess which one you and the majority of remain humanity will belong or it is too difficult for you? Today NWO leadership and there enablers in US call them self’s patriots (in realities they patriots of NWO only) constitution defenders (they are have plans to change our convenience) job creators (yes overseas only that is a reality they creating economic crisis in US). Today NWO using same tactics again they are masters of misleading and lie in not existing traits. Billionaires Koch Brothers are a tools for NWO and they financiers Tea Party movement. Tea Party good American people don't understand they been manipulated and used by Billionaires Koch. Wake up Brothers do your own research if you disagree with me

  • Abby
    Lv 4
    5 years ago

    All the black walnut ice cream gave him permanent brain freeze. Libya was a successful mission and the world is a better place without Qaddafi therefore, Cain looks really ignorant. Most Americans are proud of our military success this year., the Navy Seals took out some of the Taliban's biggest leaders and ended Bin Laden's rein of terror. All of us are proud of our military success but the republicans who still think Bush was a military genus want to discredit the Obama administration for political gain.

  • 9 years ago

    What a qualification for President of the United States - "all that international stuff twirling around in my head"!

    Didn't Bush say something totally stupid like that once?

    I didn't find it - I got distracted by this gem:

    ""My plan reduces the national debt, and fast. So fast, in fact, that economists worry that we're going to run out of debt to retire.

    Presidential Radio Address (24 February 2001) [13]"

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