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What player would YOU pick for YOUR team in the 2012 DRAFT?

My team is the dolphins, Im looking at Landry Jones if he decided to declare.


hightower is a second rounder? wow thats crazy!

he is injury prone though

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    My team is the Saints and they need help with their linebacking corp. I would pick Dont'a Hightower out of Alabama who is a second round projected pick.

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    8 years ago

    I don't follow college football. Once the NFL season is over....I take an objective look at the year's draft class & free agency and formulate my opinions accordingly.

    The focus needs to be? The absolute best O line talent available

    A **** hot young rookie WR would be nice but not necessary at this point as we have some talent that can be developed once that O line is solidified, and we get some depth..

    That is what my beloved Chicago Bears need to do this offseason. Which is ironically what they have needed to do for the last several

    Which is why Jerry and Lovie need to be fired

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    PATRIOTS: After years of passing on big time RB's in the first round (Larry Johnson, Mark Ingram, etc. among others) I'd like to see them finally grab a franchise running back in the Richardson kid from Alabama if he makes himself eligible, if he's still there though (unlikely) LaMichael James from oregon would be even better I just see Richardson as a potential end of 1st-rounder.

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    I think Andrew Luck is as good as they say. I would definetly pick him up over Landry Jones.

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  • M O
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    8 years ago

    Minnesota needs one of the big three LTs (Kalil, Martin, Reiff) more then anything else.

  • Raiders don't have picks, but if we did I'd pick the best linebacker on the board.

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